Residential structures.




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  • Architecture or other accommodations produced for or adapted to provide shelter and security for the basic physical functions of life for an individual, family, or clan and their dependents, human and animal. Among the functions provided for are a place to sleep, prepare food, eat, and sometimes to work, usually having a door, window, or other source of light and with protection from the weather.

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  • Art & Architecture Thesaurus

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Residential structures.

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Residential structures.

  • UF Residential

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Residential structures.

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Addition and Alteration to Cottage of Ross Clarkson

File consists of architectural drawings for cottage (addition: 2 floors, pantry, coat room, lavatory and bathrooms; wood; wall bearing), including 6 development drawings (floor plans, elevations), 1 working drawing (floor plans, elevations), and 1 detail drawing (lettering).

Addition and Alteration to House of Dr. W.G.M. Byers

File consists of architectural drawings for urban house (addition: sunroom; brick; wall bearing), including:
1 development drawing: plan, elevation, details
1 working drawing: plan, elevation, details
3 detail drawings: window, grate, doors

Addition and Alterations to Cottage of Miss Violet Haswell

File consists of architectural drawings for cottage (addition to new study and bedroom; wood; wall bearing), including:
2 measured drawings: floor plan, section
7 development drawings: floor plans, elevations
10 working drawings: floor plans, elevations, study
8 detail drawings: door, dormer, fireplace, eaves, brackets, fittings, hearing plan

Addition and Alterations to House of Dr. F.S. Patch

File consists of architectural drawings for urban house (addition: kitchen, living room, main bedroom, governess' room), including:
1 measured drawing: cabinet
2 sketch drawings: doors, curtain box
6 development drawings: floor plans, window, room plan and elevation
16 working drawings: floor plans, elevations
35 detail drawings: vestibule, windows, doors, curtain box, eaves, door hood, verandah, balcony, trims, fittings, gutter, ladder, plaster cornices, room plans and interiors, chimney, gallery, radiator, wall, woodwork (including screen, coat room, post, railings), stonework
13 consultant drawings: floor plans, elevations, sections, structure

Addition and Alterations to House of Lady Hickson

Urban house (alterations: include refurbished billiard room).
1 sketch drawing: ornament
1 development drawing: plan of stable and garage
13 detail drawings: floor plan, woodwork (inch trim, paneling), plasterwork, windows, doors
4 photographs: 4 details

Addition and Alterations to House of Mr. Dobell

File consists of urban house (addition to garage; brick; wall bearing), including:
3 survey drawings: garage, site survey, profile
18 measured drawings: site survey, floor plans, door, culvert, ornament, windows, stairs, fireplaces, hall
4 development drawings: floor plans, door
3 working drawings: floor plans
19 detail drawings: windows, staircase, hall, fireplaces, doors, balconies, garage, door hood, wrought iron railings, porch
3 shop drawings: washroom plans
7 consultant drawings: floor plans, elevations

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