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Genre term Scope note
Account books. (1)

Use for: Ledgers.

  • Use for books in which details of financial transactions are recorded.
  • Sworn statements in writing; especially made upon oath before an authorized magistrate or officer.
Albums. (1)
  • Use for bound volumes in which collections of materials such as stamps, photographs, or autographs may be assembled and displayed.
Apartment houses.

Use for: Apartments

  • Buildings, often multiple-story, containing more than one dwelling unit, most of which are designed for domestic use but sometimes including shops and other nonresidential features. Apartment houses have been in use since ancient times, notable examples having been known in ancient Rome and among ancient Native Americans. The apartment house as known today first appeared in Paris and other large European cities in the 18th century, when tall blocks of apartments for middle-class tenants became common.
Architectural drawings (visual works).
  • Drawings of architecture and drawings for architectural projects, whether the project was executed or not. The term may also refer to any image in a two-dimensional medium that serves this same purpose, including prints and computer images.
Architectural furniture.
  • Furniture designed by architects or to match or accord with the architectural features of the rooms for which it is intended.
Architectural models.
  • Representations that visualize architectural projects in three dimensions, often including a representation of the surrounding site or context, and usually, but not necessarily, built to scale.
Art museums (buildings)
  • Buildings, groups of buildings, or spaces within buildings where works of art are housed and displayed for public benefit. For stores in which works of art are displayed for sale, see
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