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  • Refers to still images produced from radiation-sensitive materials (sensitive to light, electron beams, or nuclear radiation), generally by means of the chemical action of light on a sensitive film, paper, glass, or metal. Photographs may be positive or negative, opaque or transparent.

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Arthur Erickson fonds

  • CA CAC 57
  • Fonds
  • between approximately 1946 and 1987

The fonds consists chiefly of architectural drawings, photographs, reports, and other records relating to Erickson's architectural projects in the Middle East. Beginning in 1975, Erickson undertook some forty projects in the Middle East, most of them large-scale public projects. He created masterplans and designed universities, museums, office buildings, residential complexes and diplomatic compounds in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria, among others. Some were built, others remained at a competition and project stage. Architectural drawings from Erickson's work as a professional architect date from 1976 to 1986 and include 1,468 multimedia drawings. In these are found drawings for over a dozen Middle East competitions and projects such as designs for the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia (1983), King Faisal Air Force Academy and Mosque in Al Kharj (1980) and the Etisalat Headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (1986). An additional seventeen drawings were created before 1950 and include nine drawings for an office building and eight drawings for an arts centre for Vancouver. These executed while a student at the McGill School of Architecture. The fonds also contains 102 photographs and 26 slides also dating between 1976 and 1986 as well as 4 three-dimensional scale models. These models are for the Islamic University of Madinah (1983), the Abu Nuwas Conservation and Development Project (1976), Sancst Science Halls (1981) and Etisalat Headquarters (1986). The fonds also contain competition submissions and project development documentation (1976-1987), bound in 43 volumes. Nine copies of three published books also included contain surveys of Erickson's work and career. The fonds also contains Erickson's correspondence and other papers.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1976-1986, 1468 dessins multimédias." Comprend notamment des dessins de plus d'une douzaine de concours et de projets moyen-orientaux comme le plan de l'Université islamique de Madinah, Arabie Saoudite (1983), l'Académie de l'armée de l'air du Roi Faiçal et la mosquée d'Al Kharj (1980) ainsi que les quartiers généraux d'Etisalat à Abu Dhabi, Émirats arabes unis (1986).
"Photographies, 1976-1986, 102 photographies et 26 diapositives."
"Objets tridimensionnels, 1976-1986, 4 articles." Quatre projets sont documentés par des maquettes tridimensionnelles : l'Université islamique de Madinah (1983), le Projet de conservation et de développement dAbu Nuwas (1976), les Sancst Science Halls (1981) et les quartiers généraux d'Etisalat (1986).
"Publications professionnelles, 1976-1987, 43 volumes reliés." Notamment des soumissions à des concours et de la documentation portant sur divers projets.
"Documents biographiques, 1975-1986, 9 copies de 3 ouvrages publiés." Ces volumes contiennent des études du travail d'Erickson.
"Correspondance et autres documents." En cours de dépouillement.

Erickson, Arthur, 1924-2009

Arthur Stewart Eve Fonds

  • CA MUA MG1035
  • Fonds
  • 1881-1948

Eve's papers are overwhelmingly concerned with his work as a teacher. The greater percentage are lecture notes, with some research materials, professional and personal correspondence, and photographs. His lecture notes fall into two categories: university lectures and popular courses and addresses. The university lectures are represented by thirty bundles of notes on radioactivity, physics of solids, relativity, and astrophysics dating from ca. 1909 - ca. 1930. The popular lectures date largely from the 1920s and 1930s. They deal with radioactivity, engineering physics, military applications, astronomy, historical topics, and the relation of science and religion, and were delivered before a wide range of groups, from the McGill Physical Society to schoolchildren. Apart from reprints, Eve's research materials consist of a notebook on solid geometry from his university days (1881), three laboratory notebooks (1909-1915), correspondence and a notebook concerning research in the U.S. Department of Mines (1927), his diary of a visit to the United States in 1929 undertaken to survey geophysical prospecting methods, and some files of correspondence, graphs, reports, notes,and photographs on ultra-violet light, eclipses, radio research, seismic activity and quantum theory (1922-1934). Closely related to these are a few files of professional correspondence (1915-1932) regarding seismic shocks, particularly in relation to the Mount Royal tunnel, the eclipse of 1932, Niels Bohr's work (including a letter to Eve from Bohr) and the scientific publications of Eve and others. Files of correspondence, reports and programmes document Eve's activities in various organizations, such as the Silberstein Institute of Physics (1921), the Air Research Committee (1920-1922), the Canadian Engineering Standards Association (1920-1927) and the Pacific Science Congress (1930-1935). Other papers concern his work in elementary education both in public and in private schools; they contain newspaper clippings about Eve's publications and career, and correspondence and notes relating to his retirement (1935) and photographs.

Eve, A. S. (Arthur Stewart), 1862-1948

Arvind Sharma Fonds

  • CA MUA MG 4275
  • Fonds
  • 1955-2015

The fonds contains professional and person records created or compiled by Arvind Sharma, divided into 7 series:
A. Biographical records
B. Writings
C. Public addresses
D. Teachings
E. Distinctions
F. Correspondence
G. Photographs

The fonds contain textual material such as correspondence, unpublished and published material, notes, research and teaching material, as well as photographs of Sharma and acquaintances. It also contains visual and audio recordings of Sharma from events in addition to objects having belonged to Sharma.

Sharma, Arvind

Basil C. MacLean Fonds

  • CA MUA MG 4311
  • Fonds
  • undated

The fonds contains memorabilia from Basil C. MacLean's years at McGill University, including Old McGill yearbooks (1925, 1929), McGill knitted button-up sweater, a silverware set with the McGill crest, a small oval silver tray, a silver tureen with lid, 2 pennants and 8 photographs which include the Montreal General Hospital 1927-30, Faculty of Medicine 1926, Alpha Delta Chapter Fraternity, 1924-25 and the McGill Student's Executive Council, 1924-26.

MacLean, Basil C., 1895-1963

Beryl Lyman Anderson Fonds

  • CA MUA MG1015
  • Fonds
  • [1968-1970]

Fonds consists of photocopies of Anderson’s papers that document her work with the McGill Association of University Teachers (MAUT), and her work as lecturer at the McGill School of Information Studies.

Anderson, Beryl L.

Black Whale Fonds

  • CA MUA MG 1001
  • Fonds
  • 1934-1975

The fonds consists of textual records related to the operations and administration of the Percé Handicrafts Guild, the Black Whale Shop, as well other community initiatives sponsored by Percé Handicrafts Guild such as the the Black Whale Dental Clinic, and photographs of the shop and its volunteers. Operational and administrative files are intermingled with a range of informal correspondence, in particular many letters between Ethel Renouf and Phyllis Birks, and files of anecdotal notes and clips related to the Black Whale shop as well as to the history, flora, and geology of the Gaspé region.

Formal administrative records consist of letters patent for the Percé Handicrafts Guild, full minutes for 1939, and brief annual summaries of activities from 1933 to 1975. Legal documents comprise licence and registration papers, together with pertinent correspondence, 1938-1953, and a correspondence file relating to rental of the shop building. The financial side is illustrated by a cash book, 1934, and files of miscellaneous receipts, inventories, balance sheets and bookkeeping instructions, 1935-1971. Almost half the records of the Black Whale are informal in nature, for example, letters from Ethel Renouf to Phyllis Birks mixing personal news with accounts of shop operations and craft production, 1934-1937. Files of anecdotal notes and clippings relate the shop and to the history of the Gaspé, as well as on the flora and geology of the region. The fonds includes a copy of The Black Whale cookbook and some related records.. Some correspondence, budget notes and flyers pertain to the work of the Dental Clinic, 1939-1940. Sixty photographs featuring different views of the Black Whale handicrafts shop in Percé, Quebec, are also included. A number of photographs are individual and group portraits of the volunteers who created and ran the shop, including Ethel Renouf. A few photographs document a Black Whale Shop stand at the University of Montreal.

Percé Handicrafts Guild

Bland, Lemoyne, Edwards

  • CA CAC 41.08
  • Fonds

"Architectural Drawings, 1961-5, 311 drawings." Twelve projects contain drawings, among them the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (1962-5), a shopping centre in Kingston, ON (n.d.), a pharmaceutical centre and research laboratory for the Smith, Mine and French company in Senneville, PQ (n.d.), and the design of two residential houses in Montreal.
"Photographs, 1961-5, 84 photographs." A proposal for a master plan and municipal building in Baie d'Urfé, PQ (1962/3), a site planning study for McGill University (1961), a redevelopment scheme for Westmount (n.d.), and the Kingston shopping centre are among the six projects documented by photographs.
"Professional papers, 1960-3, 24 cm." The archive contains papers, primarily reports and specifications, for six projects, including the proposed master plan and municipal building for Baie d'Urfé, the development study for McGill University and a maintenance building for Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance in Montreal (1963).

"Dessins architecturaux, 1961-1965, 311 dessins." Douze projets sont documentés par des dessins, notamment le musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal (1962-1965), un centre commercial de Kingston (Ontario, s.d.), un centre pharmaceutique et un laboratoire de recherche pour la société Smith, Kline et French à Senneville (Québec, s.d.) et le dessin de deux résidences de Montréal.
"Photographies, 1961-1965, 8.4 photos." Une proposition de plan d'urbanisation et d'hôtel de ville pour Baie d'Urfé (Québec) (1962-1963), un plan de développement pour l'Université McGill (1961), un programme de redéveloppement pour la ville de Westmount (s.d.) et le centre commercial de Kingston sont au nombre des six projets documentés par des photos.
"Documents professionnels, 1960-1963, 24 cm." Le fonds contient des documents, surtout des rapports et des cahiers des charges, pour six projets, notamment la proposition de plan d'urbanisation et d'hôtel de ville pour la municipalité de Baie d'Urfé, l'étude de développement commandée par l'Université McGill et un immeuble d'entretien attenant aux Habitations Jeanne-Mance de Montréal (1963).

Bland, LeMoyne, Edwards architectes

Bland, Lemoyne, Edwards, Shine

  • CA CAC 41.09
  • Fonds

"Architectural Drawings, 1962- 7, 389 drawings." Included among the eleven projects with drawings are designs for a law building at McGill University (1963-4), the Labyrinth for the National Film Board of Canada intended for Expo '67 (1964-7), the British Pavilion for Expo '67 (designed in 1966 by the British firm of Basil Spence Bonnington and Collins - Bland, LeMoyne, Edwards, Shine acted as consulting architects), a research and development laboratory for the Northern Electric Company in Ottawa (1964), and St. Mary's Church in Kirkland, PQ (1965).
"Photographs, 1962-9, 18 photographs." An art gallery for Expo '67 (1966), laboratories and dormitories for McGill University at Mount St. Hilaire, PQ (1962-3) and a building for the Faculty of Law at McGill University, are examples of some of the seven projects with photographs.
"Professional Papers, 1962-9, 33 cm." The majority of the papers are reports concerning the Colline parlementaire for the City of Québec (1966-9), also included are schedules for the proposed laboratories and dormitories for McGill University at Mount St. Hilaire.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1962-1967, 389 dessins." Au nombre des onze projets documentés par des dessins se trouvent le plan d'un immeuble pour la faculté de droit de l'Université McGill (1963-1964), le Labyrinthe commandé par l'Office national du film et destiné à Expo 67 (1964-1967), le pavillon britannique d'Expo 67 (dessiné en 1966 par le cabinet britannique de Basil Spence Bonnington et Collins - Bland, LeMoyne, Edwards, Shine agissant à titre d'architectes-conseils), un laboratoire de recherche et de développement pour le compte de la société Northern Electric à Ottawa (1964) et l'église St. Mary's de Kirkland (Québec) (1965).
"Photographies, 1962-1969, 18 photos." Une galerie d'art pour Expo 67 (1966), les laboratoires et dortoirs de lUniversité McGill au Mont Saint-Hilaire (Québec) (1962-1963) et un pavillon pour la faculté de droit de l'Université McGill sont au nombre des sept projets documentés par des photos.
"Documents professionnels, 1962-1969, 33 cm." La majorité des documents sont des rapports ayant trait à la Colline parlementaire de la ville de Québec (1966-1969), ainsi que des échéanciers pour la proposition de laboratoires et de dortoirs de l'Université McGill au Mont Saint-Hilaire.

Bland, LeMoyne, Edwards, Shine architectes

Bland, LeMoyne, Shine

  • CA CAC 41.10
  • Fonds

"Architectural Drawings, 1968-72, 138 drawings." Four projects include drawings, the majority document the design for offices and laboratories for the Bell Northern Research Company in Ottawa (1971-2); other drawings concern a proposal for the Canadian Chancery Building in Accra, Ghana (1969), a proposal for the Government of Canada's official residence in Dakar, Senegal (1970) and a new entrance to Redpath Hall, McGill University (1968).
"Photographs, 1971-2, 32 photographs." The project for offices and laboratories for Bell Northern Research contains photographs.
"Professional Papers, 1970, 6 cm." A project for the campus of the University of Windsor contains a planning report and a proposed extension to the Faculty Club of McGill University also contains a report.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1968-1972, 138 dessins." Quatre projets sont documentés par des dessins, dont la plupart se rapportent au projet de bureaux et de laboratoires commandés par la société Bell Northern Research à Ottawa (1971-1972); d'autres dessins se rapportent à une proposition d'immeuble pour la chancellerie canadienne à Accra, Ghana (1969), à une proposition de résidence officielle du gouvernement canadien à Dakar, Sénégal (1970), et à une nouvelle entrée pour la salle Redpath de l'Université McGill (1964).
"Photographies, 1971-1972, 32 photos." Le projet de bureaux et de laboratoires de Bell Northern Research est documenté par des photos.
"Documents professionnels, 1970, 6 an." Un projet pour le campus de l'Université de Windsor s'assortit d'un rapport de planification et une proposition d'annexe au Cercle universitaire de l'Université McGill est aussi assorti d'un rapport.

Bland, LeMoyne, Shine architectes

Bland, Rother and Trudeau

  • CA CAC 41.06
  • Fonds

"Architectural Drawings, 1955-63, 463 drawings." Among the twenty-one projects documented by drawings, are designs for the Northern Electric Research and Development Project in Ottawa (1959-63), Ottawa City Hall (1956-8), Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance in Montreal designed for the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (1957-60) and the town of Port Cartier, which was designed and planned for the Quebec Cartier Mining Company (1957-60).
"Photographs, 1955-63, 34 photographs." There are photographs in the archive for seven projects including the Northern Electric Company Research and Development Laboratories, the Town of Port Cartier and the Brockville and Elizabethtown planning area in Ontario (1955).
"Professional papers, 1955-60, 69 cm." Specifications, reports, clippings, invoices, minutes of meetings and tender forms are among the professional papers for seven projects, such as Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance and a commercial building in the Town of Mount Royal designed for Guttman Realty (1955-6).

"Dessins architecturaux, 1955-1963, 463 dessins." Parmi les vingt et un projets documentés par des dessins, signalons les plans du projet de recherche et de développement de la Northern Electric à Ottawa (1959-1963), l'hôtel de ville d'Ottawa (1956-1958), les Habitations Jeanne-Mance à Montréal dessinées pour le compte de la Société canadienne d'hypothèques et de logement (1957-1960), et la ville de Port-Cartier, planifiée pour le compte de la Société Québec Cartier Mining (1957-1960).
"Photographies, 1955-1963, 34 photos." Les photos du fonds documentent sept projets dont celui des laboratoires de recherche et développement de la société Northern Electric, la ville de Port-Cartier et les zones d'urbanisation de Brockville et Elizabethtown en Ontario (1955).
"Documents professionnels, 1955-1960, 69 cm." Cahiers des charges, rapports, coupures de presse, factures, procès-verbaux de réunions et soumissions se rapportant à sept projets, notamment aux Habitations Jeanne-Mance et à un immeuble commercial de Ville Mont-Royal dessiné pour Guttman Realty (1955-1956).

Bland, Rother and Trudeau

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