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Correspondence/Subjects Writings

Sub-sub-series consists of active office files, filed by subject, related to Dr. Penfield's writings and travels. (C/SW = Correspondence/Subjects Writing)

Events / Published McGill

Sub-subseries consists of published accounts regarding McGill University. (E/PM = Events / Published McGill)

Handmade Valentines

The Handmade Valentines sub-subseries is comprised of 131 cards using a variety of craft materials.The Handmade Valentines sub-subseries consists of cards that have been collaged together by someone and include hand-finished details. They are typically made with a melange of lace-paper, embossed paper, cut-out pictures and paper shapes. They might be finished with a hand-written or printed message and might be hand-drawn or at least assembled by hand. The materials used in these handmade valentines are diverse and can include metal trinkets, ribbon, satin, fabrics, artificial or dried flowers, beads, feathers and wire.


The Ephemera sub-subseries consists of miscellaneous, non-greeting card items, composed of 5 printed documents and 1 physical object. In it are writers, small pamphlets destined to provide the reader with tips on how to write letters and messages to all sorts of people, as well as greeting card catalogs and press. There is also a wall pocket, presumably used to hold cards, that was equally being sold by wholesalers of greeting cards.

Miscellaneous Greeting Cards

The Miscellaneous Greeting Cards sub-subseries contains all cards that are not Valentines. They were either found within the same seller’s scrapbooks as the Valentine cards or were found mixed with the fonds, possibly belonging to a same recipient as the some of the Valentine cards. The other greeting cards take various forms and shapes and typically commemorate an important life event.

Rebus Valentines

The Rebus Valentines sub-subseries consists of printed valentines that contain puzzles or cryptographic messages that the recipient must decipher. This can include messages written in hieroglyphics or hidden in endless knots.

Study notes

Sub-subseries contains Sharma’s study notes from Harvard University, 1967-1978.


This sub-subseries documents Sharma’s grades and courses taken during his post-secondary academic career, beginning in the 1950s and continuing through until Harvard University in the 1970s.

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