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William Edmond Logan Fonds

  • CA MUA MG2046
  • Fonds
  • 1772-1884

Virtually all the Logan papers concern his scientific work. A small percentage relates to the affairs of his family, and to memorials to Logan after his death. The great majority of the papers consists of scientific correspondence from about 1820 to 1874, but mostly for the years following his appointment to the Survey in 1842. The letters deal with the collection, exchange and description of geological specimens, expeditions under the aegis of the survey, problems of research and scientific interpretation, scientific meetings, and visits by scientists. The number of correspondents, both individuals and learned societies, is very large, but the most substantial bodies of letters are from J.W. Dawson, geologist and Principal of McGill University, James Hall, palaeontologist of the New York Geological Survey, Alexander Murray, Logan's chief assistant, and James Lowe of Grenville, Québec, who supplied Logan with specimens and appears to have been casually employed by him on surveying jobs and field trips. Other correspondents include Sanford Fleming, E.D. Ashe of the Québec Observatory, Thomas Sterry Hunt, and R.I. Murchison of the Geographical Society of Great Britain. Some letters pertain to political or social affairs, but usually in close connection with the scientific work of Logan or the Survey. These files contain copies of some of Logan's outgoing letters, as well as some letters addressed to other individuals, generally his assistants. Other scientific papers consist of field trip records (a journal kept during an expedition in 1845, a weather table kept on Lake Superior in the winter of 1846-1847, work records and astronomical readings for surveying projects, notes on mineral deposits, and lists of specimens), manuscripts of three scientific papers, as well as "Observations on the proposed Geological Survey", and manuscript and printed maps and geological schemata, including some by Logan of the Bay of Fundy, Labrador, and Hamilton, Ontario regions. Manuscript catalogues of specimens were prepared by Logan for the Paris Exhibitions of 1855 and 1867. Official reports include Logan's annual reports for 1842-1844, an overview of the work of the Geological Survey, 1866, two reports by Logan on prospects for mining on the north shore of Lake Superior, 1846, 1847, and one on mineral deposits around Rivière du Loup, 1853, as well as Logan's copy of his proposed Geological Survey Bill, 1844, and some copies of reports on mining and cartography prepared by others. Logan's financial records include expense accounts for Geological Survey expeditions, as well as other professional expenditures, such as books. His private and family life is reflected by a very brief diary of an Atlantic crossing in 1856, letters to and from his brothers James and Henry, his father, his uncle Hart Logan, and Hart Logan's partner John Fleming, covering the years 1772-1856. There are also baptismal and burial certificates, and legal documents, particularly bills of sale pertaining to James Logan's farm. Memorials to Logan after his death include J.W. Dawson's correspondence concerning the Logan Memorial Fund and Collection, 1881, and a manuscript biography by Alexander Murray. There is a chronological and author/recipient index to these papers.

Logan, William E. (William Edmond), Sir, 1798-1875

Montreal Board of Trade Fonds

  • CA MUA MG1009
  • Fonds
  • 1822-1952

Consists of microfilm of originals, located at Library and Archives Canada. The records of the Board of Trade fall into two series. Administrative records comprise the register of the Committee of Trade, 1822-1842; followed by the minutes of the Board, 1842-1952; reports of general meetings, 1842-1951; and annual meetings, 1876-1879; and council annual reports, 1886-1931. Correspondence consists of letterbooks, 1870-1920, and the correspondence files of the Committee of Trade, 1822-1842. A review of the activities of the Board from 1950 is also included.

Montreal Board of Trade

United Church of Canada, Montreal-Ottawa Conference Fonds

  • CA MUA MG2056
  • Fonds
  • 1824-1978

The records of the Montreal-Ottawa Conference of the United Church are arranged in the following series:

  1. Denominational records prior to Union, 1824-1925
    Records of each of the three parent denominations follow the same general pattern. There are minutes, usually printed, of the national executive body, and original minutes of the local unit corresponding to the geographical boundaries of the present Conference. Papers of associations at this level generally include the files of Sabbath School associations, ministerial associations, missionary societies, and theological colleges. A number of interdenominational clergy and mission groups are also represented; while a special series of correspondence, minutes, and conference reports covers the debates concerning union, 1906-1925. The Methodist materials begin in 1824, and the Presbyterian in 1841, and the Congregational in 1842.

  2. Conference records, 1925-
    Minutes of the Conference, and of the Conference-based Women's Missionary Society, Women's Union and United Church Women, are extant from the time of Union. The Montreal Presbytery maintains a record of proceedings, and supports a number of groups and associations (Minister's Wives Association, young peoples' groups, camps, missionary societies, United Church Women) whose work is documented by minutes, financial records and, occasionally, correspondence files. Also included are records of the Joint Theological Colleges of McGill University and of the United Theological College, 1912-1948.

  3. Local Churches, 1832-
    Many local churches retain their historical records, including civil registers. The Archives' holdings include records of approximately 75 individual congregations in the Montréal and Québec-Sherbrooke Presbyteries, consisting of minutes of governing bodies, communion rolls, minutes of organizations, accounts, annual reports, and occasionally photographs and architectural drawings. The most substantial and significant records are those of the Erskine and American (from 1832), including records of Canada Education and Home Missionary Society, 1833-1848, St James (from 1820), Zion Congregational (from 1832), and Odelltown (from 1829) congregations.

  4. Missionary Work in French Canada, 1848-1861, 1876-1969
    The importance to the United Church and its parent denominations of mission work in French Canada is documented by minutes of the French Canadian Missionary Society (1848-1861), and papers, including sermons, notebooks and correspondence of the French Evangelical Church of Canada (1876-1969).

  5. Papers of individuals, 1822-1925
    Papers of individuals include the correspondence, essays and sermons, 1870-1917, of Calvin E. Amaron; the Bieler Family; J. Armitage Ewing (largely concerning the controversies surrounding Union in 1925); William Mair, sermons, 1827-1855; Richard Robinson, diaries, personal records, sermon outlines, 1857-1912; Henry Wilkes, 1822-1878, and others.

United Church of Canada. Montreal-Ottawa Conference.

John Christian Ludwig Andreassen Fonds

  • CA MUA MG1059
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1980

Andreassen's papers fall into three series: personal materials, diaries, and professional files. Personal materials include family correspondence, 1929-ca 1932, and ca 30 cm of class notes and draft papers stemming from his student years, largely at Louisiana State. There are also files of private correspondence, some addressed to Mrs Andreassen, from the period 1975-1980. Andreassen's diaries cover the years 1936-1940, 1945-1952, 1962-1965, and 1968-1976. They record the working day and are interleaved with memoranda and correspondence, often of a personal nature. Professional files vary in nature with each stage of Andreassen's career, but correspondence and reports are consistent elements. To these may be added copies of surveys and inventories of the Louisiana Historical Records Survey, expense accounts and photographs arising from his work for UNRRA, records of archival deposits and drafts on an institutional history prepared as Archivist of CNR, and annual reports written as McGill Archivist.

Andreassen, John C. L. (John Christian Ludvig), 1909-

John Millen & Co. Fonds

  • CA MUA MG1004
  • Fonds
  • approximately 1930-1965

The administrative records constitute the bulk of the collection; they include annual reports, and financial statements of John Millen & Co. and related firms, 1962-1972; quarter-monthly reports, 1956-1969; memoranda, 1961-1969; files concerning clients, products, sales, and inventory, 1960-1969; executive meetings, 1960; staff lists, 1955-1970; budgets, 1965; files on Exide & Oil Co. Sales, 1964-1968; file on Modern Sales Ltd., 1943-1970 and business correspondence, 1943-1972. Legal records consist of leases, 1963-1964; employee contract between S.B. Millen and John Millen & Son Ltd., 1968; correspondence, memoranda, and court cases, ca 1930-1936. Also included are reports and typescripts on the principles of management and sales, 1948, 1960-1969, as well as some newspaper clippings.

John Millen & Co.

Historical record and annual report of the executive director to the Montreal Parks and Playgrounds Association Incorporated, 1947

This file contains a historical record and annual report of the executive director to the Montreal Parks and Playgrounds Association, including a timeline of the association, a summary of activities for 1947, and financial information. Author William Bowie.

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