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Student Drawings of P.E. Nobbs

File consists of 35 measured drawings: --Unidentified details of contours (1) --Elevations, sections and plans of St. Athernase, Leuchars, Fife (5) --Tomb of children of Charles VIII, Museum of Science and Art, Edinburgh (1) --Cornice of stone chimneypiece, Petinelli Palace, Padua (1) --Vaulting over entrance to Quadrangle, University of Edinburgh (1) --Elevations, section, plan and details of Whitekirk, Haddingtonshire and St. Mary, Haddington (3) --Elevations, section, plan and details of Register House, Edinburgh (2) --Elevations, sections and plan at south aisle, Holyrood Chapel (4) --Doorway of Chapter House, Lincoln Cathedral (2) --Stalls in Southwold Church, Suffolk (3) --Unidentified elevation and plans of clock tower (1) --Cast of sarcophagus of Carlo Marsuppini, Museum of Science and Art, Edinburgh (1) --Foliage, Beverley [Minster] (1) --Details of Wayside Chapel, Houghton Le Dale, Norfolk (3) --Unidentified foliated freize, Museum of Science and Art, Edinburgh (1) --French 13th-century foliated capitals (4) --Soffit of window in hall, Hengrave Hall (1)

Student Drawings (Ironwork) of P.E. Nobbs

File consists primarily of drawings of ironwork, including 22 measured drawings: --Wrought iron gate, Chelmsford (1) --Wrought iron railings and gate, Greeston Stair, Lincoln (2) --Donibristle, Fife (1) --Baroque gate, Rennes, Brittany (2) --Wrought iron hinge by Bodley, St. Pauls Burton (1) --Unidentified wrought iron detail (1) --Staircase panel, Caroline Park, Granton (2) --Wrought iron, Terrington, St. Clements, Norfolk (2) --Wrought iron choir stalls, St. Paul's (2) --Ely (1) --Wrought iron screen and hinges, Lincoln Cathedral (3) --Early 13th century wrought iron hinge, Market Deeping (1) --Wrought iron gates, Ruspoli Palace, Siena (1) --Sempringham (1) --Private entrance to churchyard, Belton House, Lines (1). Also includes 2 development drawings: --Proposed new gates, St. Annes Soho (1) --Fireplace Dog (1).

Student Prize and Competition Drawings of P.E. Nobbs

File consists of presentation drawings: --Design for an isolated clock tower and belfry (1899) [Winning submission for The Prize 1900] (3) --Decorations for hall and stair, Coleshill, Berks. Prescribed in the Owen Jones Studentship 1901 (2) --Design for a swimming bath for men [Submitted for Soane Medallion 1901-1902] (1) Design for the mosaic decoration of Sta. Fosca at Torcello (1902) [Winning submission for Owen Jones Studentship 1903] (3) --Design for a town church [Submitted for Soane Medallion 1902-1903] (1) --Untitled drawing for stained glass windows depicting six male saints (1).

Italian Drawings of P.E. Nobbs

File consists of measured drawings: Coloured marble, Palazzo Dario, Grand Canal, Venice (1) --Porta San Zeno, Verona (2) --Pal Davanzati, Florence (1) --Marble mosaic floor, St. Mark's, Venice (1) --Sant' Anastasia, Verona (1).

House for P.E. Nobbs

Urban house (detached, basement, 3 floors, attic, 8 bedrooms, sleeping gallery); brick; wall bearing.
3 development drawings; dormers, stairs, flue
10 working drawings: floor plans, roof plan, elevations, section
47 detail drawings: doors, archway, windows, rafters, dormers, stairs, study, louvre, ground floor, larder, wrought iron railings, fittings, lighting, plaster cornice, ash bin, slab reinforcement, plumbing diagram, fireplace, sleeping gallery, eaves, pier, vase, roof
1 record drawing: ground plan
27 photographs: 1 plan; 11 finished exteriors; 15 finished interiors

House for A.H. Scott

File consists of architectural drawings for country house (basement, 2 floors, 3 bedrooms; stone and roughcast; wall bearing) and photographs of finished interiors. Drawings include:
1 survey drawing: property plan
2 measured drawings: ground levels, stable
1 sketch drawing: site plan
2 presentation drawings: north, east and west elevations
4 working drawings: floor plans, roof plan, elevations, section
48 detail drawings: floor plan, room interiors, windows, stonework (including corbel, base, coins, ramp, porch), eaves, bellcast, doors, dormers, entrance, vestibule, staircase, plaster cornices, stairs, woodwork (including porch, panelling, fireplace, screen), closets, balusters, shutters, fittings, architrave, ornaments, tea house, ironwork (including awning, hinges), sundial
3 record drawings: block plan, plans, elevations.

Carillon Barracks Museum

File consists of architectural drawings for museum. Also includes a file folder of specifications. Drawings include:
29 measured drawings: site plan, floor plans, roof plan, sections, architraves, eaves, dormers, chimney, seating, fireplace, windows, ceiling, handrail, gallery and stair foundations, doors
10 detail drawings: site plan, floor plans, tea gallery, finishes, flue, woodwork (trim)
7 Record drawings: floor plans, elevations, section, doorway, trim, old barracks

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