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Union Avenue (Montréal, Québec)
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Addition to New Birks Building

File consists of architectural drawings for office building and factory (addition: tenth floor; brick and stone), including:
1 survey drawing: property plan
11 measured drawing: floor plans
2 sketch drawings: roof coping, soffit of beam
1 development drawing: wall face
37 detail drawings: floor plan, elevations, section, stonework (including window bays, entrance doorway and door, haunch stones to window, tower, arch), windows, lintel, iron staircase, eaves, doors, picture moulding, trims, baseboard and door stops, lighting, corridor layout, copings, cornice
18 shop drawings: stairs, structure, elevator shaft, roof plan, floor plan, stonework, corridor layout, fire escape, sash layout, door buckets
2 record drawings: floor plans

Liverpool and London and Globe Building

Office building (basement, 6 floors); stone; concrete frame.
1 survey drawing: site plan
3 presentation drawings: exterior perspective, elevations
1 development drawing: hall elevation
19 working drawings: foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections, caretaker's house
52 detail drawings: structure, corridor, staircase, rooms, stonework (including lettering, parapet, entablature, masonry, scroll, ornament), parapet, cornice, lettering, windows, sashes, woodwork (including stairs, doors, trim), glass ornament, ironwork (including gallery, gate, elevator doors, grille, electric fixture, clock), plasterwork (including cornice, letters), fireplace, panels, doors, entrance
1 consultant drawing: stair
1 record drawing: floor plans
25 photographs: 3 models; 2 elevations; 6 plans; 1 perspective; 8 finished exteriors; 3 finished interiors; 2 details

New Birks Building

File consists of architectural drawings for office building and factory (basement, 10 floors; stone and terracotta; steel frame), including:
2 presentation drawings: interior and exterior perspectives
5 development drawings: floor plans, cornice
7 working drawings: floor plan, roof plan, elevations, section
57 detail drawings: interior and exterior elevations, wall sections, laboratories, lobby, corridor plans, lunettes, doors (including woodwork, ironwork and bronzework), stairs, windows, conveyor, plasterwork (including ornament), stonework, pier, walls, trims, finishes, terracotta, lighting plan, sills, fittings, ironwork (including lunettes, stairs, balusters)
8 shop drawings: elevator hall, window schedule, fire escape, corridor elevations, machine and hatchway location
6 consultant drawings: interior elevations, pipe tunnel, vents, entrance hall
18 photographs: 1 perspective; 6 finished exteriors; 2 finished interiors; 2 details; 7 others