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"Epilepsy, neurophysiology, and some brain mechanisms related to consciousness," In Basic Mechanisms of the Epilepsies, ed. H.H. Jasper, A.A. Ward, and A. Pope, (Boston: Little, Brown & Company) 791-805 / Wilder Graves Penfield

1 copy of The Japanese Journal of Brain Physiology, #106, Sept. 1969, with hand-written notes.; 1 partial set of hand-written worksheets.; 1 xerox of a partial, typed manuscript with hand-written notes.; 1 set of figures and a xeroxed legend.; 1 d...

"Manipulation hemiplegia. An untoward complication in the surgery of focal epilepsy," Journal of Neurosurgery 18 (6): 760-776 / Wilder Graves Penfield, Richard A. Lende, and Theodore Rasmussen.

1 typed manuscript (carbon copy).; 1 typed manuscript with hand-written amendments.; 1 typed manuscript with hand-written amendments (earlier draft).; 1 hand-written and typed manuscript.; 1 typed set of cases (1 page) with hand-written amendments...

"Functional localization in temporal and deep Sylvian areas," Research Publications of the Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease, 36: 210-226 / Wilder Graves Penfield

1 typed manuscript (final).; 1 typed draft with hand-written amendments.; 1 hand-written and typed draft with hand-written amendments.; 1 hand-written draft.; 1 hand-written bibliography.; 10 mounted illustrations.; 3 pages of hand-written legends...

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