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M. H. F. Friedman Fonds

  • CA OSLER P118
  • Fonds
  • 1877-1950

Fonds contains Dr. M.H.F. Friedman's personal papers and files relating to Dr. Boris P. Babkin and also correspondence with the editor of Babkin's biography of I.P. Pavlov.

Friedman, M. H. F. (Moe Hegby Fred), 1909-1998

Louis and Irene Kon Fonds

  • CA OSLER P162
  • Fonds
  • [1881?]-2004

Fonds consists of the personal and professional papers of Louis and Irene Kon including extensive correspondence between the Kon family. Included are materials relating to the founding of the Norman Bethune Foundation and Bethune memorials; the making of Ted Allan's movie, "Making of a Hero", including the conflict with Syd Gordon regarding creative differences; a manuscript draft and notes on Larry Stephenson's manuscript 'Two Petrals.'

Kon, Louis

Ramsay Traquair fonds

  • CA CAC 45
  • Fonds
  • 1889-1949

The fonds consists of professional papers, architectural and silver artifact photographs, drawings, teaching materials, research files on historical buildings in Québec, and heraldry designs for Boy Scouts. The bulk of the fonds consists of professional papers and three-dimensional objects (1889-1949). These have been arranged into twelve categories based on function: notes by Traquair for architecture curriculum courses; personal items of Traquair; signed notes of Gordon Antoine Neilson; signed notes of Marius Barbeau; Boy Scouts' flag design and correspondence; drawer list of drawings of French-Canadian architecture as arranged by Traquair; source clippings/publications; student sketchbooks; historic notes on individual places; publications of Traquair; publications by others working in the field or allied fields; line blocks. 14 original drawings in the fonds date from 1901-1921 and include watercolours and drawings of Egypt and India as well as details and sketches of churches in England and Italy. There are also approximately 550 measured drawings of historic buildings in Montréal, Québec City and elsewhere in the province made by Traquair and his students. Approximately 5 m of photographs portray landscapes, historical buildings, furnishings, and rural people at work in Québec; some copies of historical prints and photographs are also included. The historical architecture of Québec is also the subject of 1 m of plastic negatives, and a further 40 cm shows old Québec silverware.

Traquair, Ramsay, 1874-1952

Spence and Mathias

  • CA CAC 79
  • Fonds
  • 1900-1949

" Architectural drawings and paper files, Dominion Wire Rope and Cable Company, Lachine, Quebec 1900, 1909, 1913, 1917, 1944, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949. "
2 ink on linen: 1 working drawing, 1 structural drawing.
43 ink and pencil on paper: 43 working drawings.
26 blueprints: 2 working drawings, 2o structural drawings, 4 mechanical / plumbing/ electrical drawings.

Spence & Mathias

D.J. Spence

  • CA CAC 81
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1970

Fonds consists of architectural drawings and related paper files, including:

-4 architectural plans (ink on linen) and 3 blueprints (working drawings) for L.E. Waterman Company Limited, Montreal, Quebec 1908, 1917, 1918, with 1 specification.

-Working drawings (elevations, plans, details, structural, electrical, mechanical) for Belgo Building, Montreal, Quebec 1912, 1913,1923, 1924, 1937, 1954, 1958, 1959, 1965, 1970 (10 paper, 30 linen, 14 blueprints).

-Architectural drawings, specifications and correspondence for the Seagrams Building, Montreal, Quebec 1929, 1931, 1955-57:
24 ink on linen
25 pencil on paper
8 pencil on waxed paper; 21 blueprints; 4 blueline prints; 4 reproductive print.
10 design drawings: floor plans, section.
5 development drawings structural plans, elevator hatchway, rear elevation, opening in party wall.
32 working drawings: floor plans, elevations, sections, roof plan mechanical plans.
23 shop drawings: schedule, footing plan, elevations, wiring, mezzanine, stairs, elevator elevator, penthouse, machinery, floor slab, metalwork, structural plans, steelwork, structural details, structural analysis of existing frame, structural steel plans.
23 details: front elevation, display window and shop entrance, revised elevation, stair framing, roof framing, existing party wall, front elevation including wall section and half plans lightwell, framing plan, flush duct, junction box, walker duct, office partitions, stairs, wall sections, vent dome, general office, windows, entrance doorway, stonework, piping, heating system, boiler room, interior elevations, panelling, display window.
1 sheet; Distillers Corporation Building History. July 5, 1974.
De Stein & McCutcheon. Analysis of Capacity of Existing Structural Frame to Support an Additional Story for Distillers Corporation Limited Peel Street Building. July 11,1955.
F.D. Mathias. Specifications for Heating, Plumbing and Ventilation. July 1955.
F. D. Mathias. Specification for Air conditioning. December 1955.
F. D. Mathias. Specifications for Additions and Alterations to 1430 Peel Street Distillers Corporation Limited. August 1, 1955.
F.D. Mathias. Specifications for Alterations to Heating System. June 1957.
Alterations to Heating System Addendum no.1. July 5, 1957.
Specification for Structural Steel.
Correspondence: De Stein & McCutcheon to F.D. Mathias, Montreal, August 8, 1956.
Correspondence: De Stein & McCutcheon to F.D. Mathias, Montreal, October 6, 1956.
F.D. Mathias. Work to be done for 3rd floor alteration. January 21, 1959.

-"Architectural drawings, specifications and soil investigation, Phillips Square Building, Montreal, Quebec 1947 - 1951."
18 pencil on trace, 5 ink on trace, 7 ink on linen, 5 blueline prints, 47 blueprints.
2 survey drawings: subdivision of lot, existing construction.
1 soil study: depth and nature of soil.
2 development drawings: wall section, electrical and boiler room layout.
37 working drawings: sections at main entrance doors, marble floor-main lobby and entrance, lobby and vestibule plan, vestibule showing marble, section through main entrance, main lobby new display windows, elevator pit, roof plan, seventh floor reflected ceiling plan, fourth floor reflected ceiling plan, first floor reflected ceiling plan, fifth floor reflected ceiling plan, second floor reflected ceiling plan, eleventh floor plan, ninth floor plan, eighth floor plan, basement floor plan, sixth floor plan, tenth floor plan, Phillips Square elevation, St. Catherine St. elevation, lane elevation, south elevation, cross section, basement plan, ground floor plan, first floor plan, typical plan, tenth floor plan, roof plan, drainage plan, heating riser, heating plan, lighting plan.
14 structural drawings: cooling tower base,pile cap, pile foundations, wall details, typical reinforced concrete details, caisson, plans: basement, ground floor, typical, tenth floor, roof, penthouse, foundation, awning boxes.
14 details: main stair, new store fronts south of main entrance, window, structural frame lobby partition, main entrance showing bronze and marble, set back for masonry work, lighting recess in lobby ceiling, corner entrance, storefronts revised, main stair, wall section, main entrance, electrical and boiler room layout.
6 shop drawings: riser diagram, location of ducts on fifth floor, eighth floor ductwork, sprinkler plans for basement, ground and first floors.
6 schedules: door, structural beam, structural slab, structural column.
Paper files: mechanical specifications, heating specifications, elevator specifications, specification of materials, soil investigation.

-"Architectural drawings and paper files, Insurance Exchange Building, Montreal, Quebec 1923, 1924, 1939."
45 ink on linen: 43 working drawings, 2 structural drawings.
20 pencil on paper: 20 working drawings.
62 blueprints: 2 surveys, 2 working drawings, 34 structural drawings, 9 electrical drawings, 9 mechanical drawings, 6 shop drawings.
Paper files: 3 specifications; Specification for Insurance Exchange Building, Specification for Plumbing, Heating and Ventilation 1923, Specification for Boilers, Brickwork and Breeching 1923.

-"Architectural drawings, Mansions Development Co. Limited, Montreal, Quebec 1924, 1925."
3 ink on linen: plan of levels of lot, property lines, block plan
4 pencil on paper: working drawings; rear elevations and exterior details.

Spence, D. J. (David Jerome), 1873-1955

Frank Pentland Chambers

  • CA CAC 14
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1930

"Architectural Drawings, 1920-30, 4 drawings." The archive contains student drawings by Chambers, primarily of Italian architecture, as well as a design for a small museum submitted by Chambers in 1925 for the Tite Prize of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
"Photographs, n.d., ca. 70 photographs." Sculptures created by Chambers while he was was student at the Royal Academy and his submission for the The Prize are recorded on photographs.
"Personal Papers, n.d., 45 cm." Papers from Chambers' student years include notebooks on various subjects including German grammar, lectures on architectural aesthetics and a typescript of a murder mystery set in an artists' colony. The information about the photographs and the papers was taken from the McGill Universtity Archives guide, Vol. 2, page 15. The accession does not mention these items, nor does the file in the small collections drawer.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1920-1930, 4 dessins." Le fonds contient des dessins d'étudiant réalisés par Chambers, surtout d'architecture italienne, de même que le plan d'un petit musée proposé par Chambers en 1925 pour le Prix Tite du Royal Institute of British Architects.
"Photographies, s.d., environ 70 photos." Les photos rendent compte de sculptures réalisées par Chambers à l'époque où il était étudiant à la Royal Academy et du projet qu'il a soumis au Prix Tite.
"Documents personnels, s. d., 45 cm." Au nombre des documents qui datent des années d'études de Chambers, signalons des cahiers de notes sur divers sujets dont la grammaire allemande, des cours sur l'esthétique architecturale et le tapuscrit d'un roman policier dont l'action se situe dans une colonie artistique.

Chambers, Frank Pentland

Robert and Francis R. Findlay

  • CA CAC 3.02
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1940

"Architectural Drawings, 1921-38, 322 drawings." Designs, proposals, additions and alterations to thirty-eight projects for domestic architecture, including the Hallward house (now McGill University's Martlet House) and summer country houses; public commissions such as Murray Park Shelter in Westmount and Westmount City Hall comprise the holdings of the CAC of the work of Robert and Francis R. Findlay.
"Photographs, 1922-38, 51 photographs." Seven of the Findlays' projects are documented by photographs. Included are photographs of finished interiors and exteriors of houses in Westmount as well as the Westmount City Hall.
"Professional Papers, 1928-40, 19 cm."Correspondence, specifications, clippings, pamphlets, invoices, etc., for seven projects; among them the Murray Park Shelter, the Union Twist Drill Company's building in Rock Island, PQ, and houses in Westmount, are found in the Findlay archive.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1921-1938, 322 dessins." Esquisses, propositions, annexes et modifications se rapportant à 38 projets d'architecture domestique dont la maison Hallward (aujourd'hui la maison Martlet de l'Université McGill) et de résidences d'été; la CAC conserve également certains projets publics réalisés par Robert et Francis Findlay, notamment l'abri du parc Murray à Westmount et l'hôtel de ville de Westmount.
"Photographies, 1922-1938, 51 photos." Sept des projets des Findlay sont documentés par des photographies. On trouve entre autres des photos de la finition intérieure et extérieure de certaines maisons à Westmount de même que de l'hôtel de ville de Westmount.
"Documents professionnels, 1928-1940, 19 cm" Correspondance, cahier des charges, coupures, dépliants, factures, etc. relatifs à sept projets dont l'abri du parc Murray, l'immeuble de la société Union Twist Drill à Rock Island (Québec) et des résidences de Westmount.

Robert and Francis R. Findlay

Sigma XI, McGill Chapter Fonds

  • CA MUA MG2049
  • Fonds
  • 1922-approximately 1970

Included is the constitution, by-laws, and minute books covering 1922-1940. Approximately one half of this material consists of membership cards recording the name, rank, degrees, and publications of members from 1920 until ca 1970. There are also membership lists for various periods including the founding members and lecture lists, ca 1930s. The secretary's files, covering the period 1963-1969, contain files on dues collected, expenditures, membership (nominations, transfers, correspondence with members), the national convention, and chapter meetings. Financial transactions from 1939 to 1946 are recorded in the treasurer's account book.

Sigma Xi. McGill Chapter.

A. Leslie Perry fonds

  • CA CAC 95
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1982, predominant 1952, 1954-1959, 1982

Fonds consists primarily of original working drawings in pencil on tracing paper, and paper files, dating from the 1950s, 1964 and 1982, including projects:
"Chambly County High School, St. Lambert, QC," 1952, 11 drawing sheets
" New Factory and Offices for the Gliddon Company Ltd.,Ville Lasalle, QC," 1954, 11 drawing sheets
"YMCA Southwestern Branch, Montreal, QC, 1958," 8 drawing sheets, and Architectural, Electrical, and Mechanical Specifications
"Zone Office and Warehouse for General Motors Products of Canada Ltd., Pointe Claire, QC, 1959," 24 drawing sheets
"General Motors, Montreal Truck Branch, 1964," 11 drawing sheets
"St. Andrews United Church, Ville St. Laurent, PQ, 1956," 20 drawing sheets, 3 sheets correspondence, 1982.
"Office Building for Canadian Overseas Telecommunications Corp., Belmont Street, 1955," 54 drawing sheets
"Perry & Luke"
"Hermitage Club, Magog, PQ, 1928," 14 drawing sheets

Perry, A. Leslie (Alfred Leslie), 1896-1982

MacVicar and Heriot

  • CA CAC 21.01
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1929

"Architectural Drawings, 1928-9, 15 drawings." Alterations to a house on Mountain Street in Montreal, and the design of a house on Piquet Road in Montreal are documented in drawings.
"Professional Papers, 1928-9, 10 cm." Specifications, notes and correspondence relating to alterations to a house on Mountain Street and to the design of a house on Piquet Road are found in the archive.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1928-1929, 15 dessins." Des modifications apportées à une maison rue de la Montagne à Montréal et le plan d'une maison sur le chemin Piquet à Montréal.
"Documents professionnels, 1928-1929, 10 cm." Des cahiers des charges, des notes et de la correspondance se rapportent à un projet de modifications apportées à une maison rue de la Montagne ainsi qu'au plan d'une maison, chemin Piquet.

MacVicar and Heriot

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