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Harold Spence-Sales Fonds

  • CA CAC 97
  • Fonds
  • Approximately 1939 - 2005, 2009, 2012

The Harold Spence-Sales fonds at McGill’s Canadian Architecture Collection primarily contains project records related to Harold Spence-Sales' career as an architect and urban planner. The bulk of the records pertain to projects that Harold Spence-Sales worked on as well as corresponding financial, administrative and office records.

The fond heavily documents projects that Harold Spence-Sales worked on during the 1970s-1980s in British Columbia and in Quebec during the 1940s-1960s. Other projects that Harold Spence-Sales worked on across Canada and internationally appear intermittently throughout the fonds. The Oromocto community planning project that Harold Spence-Sales worked on from 1955-1958 in New Brunswick is particularly well documented. Harold Spence-Sales designed Oromocto to be a military town. Before He transformed Oromocto into a military town it was a defunct 19th century shipbuilding town. The Oromocto project is considered one of Harold Spence-Sales most important urban-town planning projects.

Apart from administrative, office and project records, the fonds also contains records that relate to Harold Spence-Sales professional activities outside of his work as an architect and urban planner. For example, awards and honors that he received and records related to his involvement in architectural and urban planning associations. Additional professional activities include: his involvement in creating exhibitions, curating architectural-themed magazines and periodicals as well as copies of publications that he worked on solo and in collaboration with John Bland.

The fonds also contains fourteen boxes of Harold Spence-Sales personal records. The personal records primarily cover Harold Spence-Sales interest in art, creative pursuits, family activities, family genealogy, personal finances, last will and testaments as well as his decline in health and his death. Within the fourteen boxes that have been cataloged as personal records, there are also materials related to Harold Spence-Sales professional activities. For example, awards that Harold Spence-Sales received and records related to exhibitions and artistic projects that he worked on.

Spence-Sales, Harold, 1907-2004

John Schreiber Fonds

  • CA CAC 28
  • Fonds
  • 1950-2001; predominant 1950-1996

The fonds contains the majority of the drawings and papers of Montreal architect and landscape architect John Schreiber, who was a professor in the School of Architecture at McGill from 1953 to 1987. These documents constitute a rich treasure of original design work, expressed in draughtsmanship of great virtuosity. John Schreiber’s work is an example of the contribution to Canadian architecture and landscape architecture of a generation of Europeans who, leaving that war-shattered continent in the late forties and fifties, found an appreciative and fertile ground for their talents and ambitions in Canada. The two hundred and thirty four projects represented in the Schreiber fonds span half a century of work and are documented in more than four thousand plans and drawings, hundreds of photographs and close to six linear metres of textual files.

Schreiber, John, 1921-2002

Dorothy Duncan fonds

  • CA RBD MSG 698
  • Fonds
  • 1907-1972, predominant 1930-1957

The fonds documents Dorothy Duncan’s personal and professional activities as an American-born Canadian writer and painter, primarily between 1930 and her death in 1957. Duncan’s career as a writer is represented by scrapbooks, clippings, and photographs related to her published works, two unpublished manuscripts, and contracts and correspondence with publishers and her literary agent in New York. Her activities as a painter are documented in clippings, lists of paintings, and contracts with art galleries. The fonds also contains personal correspondence, including letters from friends, family, fans, and a significant number of letters from her husband, Hugh MacLennan. Duncan’s notebooks and diaries also attest to her personal and professional activities. They document her early adulthood in Illinois and her later life in Montreal, and include notes, agendas, and a ledger. The fonds also contains two albums of personal photographs.

Duncan, Dorothy

Bland, LeMoyne, Shine

"Architectural Drawings, 1968-72, 138 drawings." Four projects include drawings, the majority document the design for offices and laboratories for the Bell Northern Research Company in Ottawa (1971-2); other drawings concern a proposal for the Canadian Chancery Building in Accra, Ghana (1969), a proposal for the Government of Canada's official residence in Dakar, Senegal (1970) and a new entrance to Redpath Hall, McGill University (1968).
"Photographs, 1971-2, 32 photographs." The project for offices and laboratories for Bell Northern Research contains photographs.
"Professional Papers, 1970, 6 cm." A project for the campus of the University of Windsor contains a planning report and a proposed extension to the Faculty Club of McGill University also contains a report.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1968-1972, 138 dessins." Quatre projets sont documentés par des dessins, dont la plupart se rapportent au projet de bureaux et de laboratoires commandés par la société Bell Northern Research à Ottawa (1971-1972); d'autres dessins se rapportent à une proposition d'immeuble pour la chancellerie canadienne à Accra, Ghana (1969), à une proposition de résidence officielle du gouvernement canadien à Dakar, Sénégal (1970), et à une nouvelle entrée pour la salle Redpath de l'Université McGill (1964).
"Photographies, 1971-1972, 32 photos." Le projet de bureaux et de laboratoires de Bell Northern Research est documenté par des photos.
"Documents professionnels, 1970, 6 an." Un projet pour le campus de l'Université de Windsor s'assortit d'un rapport de planification et une proposition d'annexe au Cercle universitaire de l'Université McGill est aussi assorti d'un rapport.

Bland, LeMoyne, Shine architectes

John Bland - Slides

"Slides, ca 1960-84, 5 m." This archive contains seventy-one boxes of 35 mm slides of Canadian architecture, four boxes of slides of American architecture, two boxes of slides of Québec arts and crafts as well as three boxes of slides of paintings depicting Canadian architecture.

"Diapositives, circa 1960-1984, 5 m." Soixante et onze boîtes de diapositives 35 mm d'architecture canadienne, quatre boites de diapositives d'architecture américaine, deux boîtes de diapositives d'artisanat québécois et trois boites de diapositives de tableaux représentant des oeuvres architecturales canadiennes se trouvent dans le fonds de la CAC.

Bland, John, 1911-2002

Bland, Lemoyne, Edwards

"Architectural Drawings, 1961-5, 311 drawings." Twelve projects contain drawings, among them the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (1962-5), a shopping centre in Kingston, ON (n.d.), a pharmaceutical centre and research laboratory for the Smith, Mine and French company in Senneville, PQ (n.d.), and the design of two residential houses in Montreal.
"Photographs, 1961-5, 84 photographs." A proposal for a master plan and municipal building in Baie d'Urfé, PQ (1962/3), a site planning study for McGill University (1961), a redevelopment scheme for Westmount (n.d.), and the Kingston shopping centre are among the six projects documented by photographs.
"Professional papers, 1960-3, 24 cm." The archive contains papers, primarily reports and specifications, for six projects, including the proposed master plan and municipal building for Baie d'Urfé, the development study for McGill University and a maintenance building for Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance in Montreal (1963).

"Dessins architecturaux, 1961-1965, 311 dessins." Douze projets sont documentés par des dessins, notamment le musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal (1962-1965), un centre commercial de Kingston (Ontario, s.d.), un centre pharmaceutique et un laboratoire de recherche pour la société Smith, Kline et French à Senneville (Québec, s.d.) et le dessin de deux résidences de Montréal.
"Photographies, 1961-1965, 8.4 photos." Une proposition de plan d'urbanisation et d'hôtel de ville pour Baie d'Urfé (Québec) (1962-1963), un plan de développement pour l'Université McGill (1961), un programme de redéveloppement pour la ville de Westmount (s.d.) et le centre commercial de Kingston sont au nombre des six projets documentés par des photos.
"Documents professionnels, 1960-1963, 24 cm." Le fonds contient des documents, surtout des rapports et des cahiers des charges, pour six projets, notamment la proposition de plan d'urbanisation et d'hôtel de ville pour la municipalité de Baie d'Urfé, l'étude de développement commandée par l'Université McGill et un immeuble d'entretien attenant aux Habitations Jeanne-Mance de Montréal (1963).

Bland, LeMoyne, Edwards architectes

Bland, Lemoyne, Edwards, Shine

"Architectural Drawings, 1962- 7, 389 drawings." Included among the eleven projects with drawings are designs for a law building at McGill University (1963-4), the Labyrinth for the National Film Board of Canada intended for Expo '67 (1964-7), the British Pavilion for Expo '67 (designed in 1966 by the British firm of Basil Spence Bonnington and Collins - Bland, LeMoyne, Edwards, Shine acted as consulting architects), a research and development laboratory for the Northern Electric Company in Ottawa (1964), and St. Mary's Church in Kirkland, PQ (1965).
"Photographs, 1962-9, 18 photographs." An art gallery for Expo '67 (1966), laboratories and dormitories for McGill University at Mount St. Hilaire, PQ (1962-3) and a building for the Faculty of Law at McGill University, are examples of some of the seven projects with photographs.
"Professional Papers, 1962-9, 33 cm." The majority of the papers are reports concerning the Colline parlementaire for the City of Québec (1966-9), also included are schedules for the proposed laboratories and dormitories for McGill University at Mount St. Hilaire.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1962-1967, 389 dessins." Au nombre des onze projets documentés par des dessins se trouvent le plan d'un immeuble pour la faculté de droit de l'Université McGill (1963-1964), le Labyrinthe commandé par l'Office national du film et destiné à Expo 67 (1964-1967), le pavillon britannique d'Expo 67 (dessiné en 1966 par le cabinet britannique de Basil Spence Bonnington et Collins - Bland, LeMoyne, Edwards, Shine agissant à titre d'architectes-conseils), un laboratoire de recherche et de développement pour le compte de la société Northern Electric à Ottawa (1964) et l'église St. Mary's de Kirkland (Québec) (1965).
"Photographies, 1962-1969, 18 photos." Une galerie d'art pour Expo 67 (1966), les laboratoires et dortoirs de lUniversité McGill au Mont Saint-Hilaire (Québec) (1962-1963) et un pavillon pour la faculté de droit de l'Université McGill sont au nombre des sept projets documentés par des photos.
"Documents professionnels, 1962-1969, 33 cm." La majorité des documents sont des rapports ayant trait à la Colline parlementaire de la ville de Québec (1966-1969), ainsi que des échéanciers pour la proposition de laboratoires et de dortoirs de l'Université McGill au Mont Saint-Hilaire.

Bland, LeMoyne, Edwards, Shine architectes

Vincent Rother Architects

"Architectural Drawings, 1949-57, 200 drawings." Nine projects are documented in the archives by drawings. The majority of the drawings are for the design of the Freedman (Camel) Co. Factory Building (1954-5) in Montreal, a proposal for a housing development for the town of St. Laurent, PQ (1952-4), an office building on Peel Street in Montreal (1950) and the Dorval Garden Apartment Building in Dorval, PQ (1949).
"Photographs, 1952-5, 3 photographs." Included are photographs of a proposed housing development for the town of St. Laurent and of the Brockville and Elizabethtown planning area in Ontario (1955).

"Dessins architecturaux, 1949-1957, 200 dessins." Neuf projets sont documentés par des dessins. Le plus grand nombre de ces dessins se rapporte aux plans de l'usine Freedman (Camel) Company de Montréal (1954-1955), à une proposition de projet domiciliaire pour la ville de Saint-Laurent (Québec) (1952-1954), à un immeuble à bureaux rue Peel à Montréal (1950) et à l'immeuble à appartements Dorval Garden à Dorval (Québec) (1949).
"Photographies, 1952-1955, 3 photos." Les photos se rapportent à la proposition de projet domiciliaire pour la ville de Saint-Laurent ainsi qu'au projet d'urbanisation de Brockville et d'Elizabethtown en Ontario (1955).

Vincent Rother Architects

Bland, Rother and Trudeau

"Architectural Drawings, 1955-63, 463 drawings." Among the twenty-one projects documented by drawings, are designs for the Northern Electric Research and Development Project in Ottawa (1959-63), Ottawa City Hall (1956-8), Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance in Montreal designed for the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (1957-60) and the town of Port Cartier, which was designed and planned for the Quebec Cartier Mining Company (1957-60).
"Photographs, 1955-63, 34 photographs." There are photographs in the archive for seven projects including the Northern Electric Company Research and Development Laboratories, the Town of Port Cartier and the Brockville and Elizabethtown planning area in Ontario (1955).
"Professional papers, 1955-60, 69 cm." Specifications, reports, clippings, invoices, minutes of meetings and tender forms are among the professional papers for seven projects, such as Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance and a commercial building in the Town of Mount Royal designed for Guttman Realty (1955-6).

"Dessins architecturaux, 1955-1963, 463 dessins." Parmi les vingt et un projets documentés par des dessins, signalons les plans du projet de recherche et de développement de la Northern Electric à Ottawa (1959-1963), l'hôtel de ville d'Ottawa (1956-1958), les Habitations Jeanne-Mance à Montréal dessinées pour le compte de la Société canadienne d'hypothèques et de logement (1957-1960), et la ville de Port-Cartier, planifiée pour le compte de la Société Québec Cartier Mining (1957-1960).
"Photographies, 1955-1963, 34 photos." Les photos du fonds documentent sept projets dont celui des laboratoires de recherche et développement de la société Northern Electric, la ville de Port-Cartier et les zones d'urbanisation de Brockville et Elizabethtown en Ontario (1955).
"Documents professionnels, 1955-1960, 69 cm." Cahiers des charges, rapports, coupures de presse, factures, procès-verbaux de réunions et soumissions se rapportant à sept projets, notamment aux Habitations Jeanne-Mance et à un immeuble commercial de Ville Mont-Royal dessiné pour Guttman Realty (1955-1956).

Bland, Rother and Trudeau

Cecile Masson Collection

  • CA RBD MSG 1341
  • Collection
  • 1883, 1915-1940

Collection consists chiefly of an album of photographs and clippings compiled by Cecile (Burroughs) Masson. Captions date the photographs to between 1915 and 1940, with one earlier photograph from 1883 that depicts Cecile and Rodrigue Masson's wedding. Many of the personal photographs depict members of the Masson family taken in Terrebonne, Quebec (where the Masson family home was located), in Ottawa, and during travels to Italy, London, the south of France. There are 28 leaves of full page plates of travel photographs from France, Italy, and Africa. Also included in the album are postcards and newspaper clippings. One series of postcards depicts architecture in Terrebonne, Quebec. The clippings include a letter to the editor written by L. R. Masson (Mrs. L. A. Globensky) and published in the Montreal Star, 1939. Other clippings relate to the S-Plan, a bombing campaign by the Ireland Republic Army, in 1939, as well as the British royal family. The album is half bound in faux black morocco and pebbled cloth boards with the initials C. M. stamped in gilt on the front cover. A caption at the head of the second leaf reads "This album is for mother from Grace", with "mother" crossed out. An inscription on the first leaf reads "This is for my dear daughter Cecile. Many happy memories of the past - affectionately from Mother." The collection also includes two loose black and white photograph portraits, one of which is inscribed to Aunt Cecile.

Masson, Cecile

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