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Winslow-Spragge family

The sub-subseries consists of correspondence to and from Lois Winslow-Spragge, Anna Harrington, Eva Winslow, and Bernard J. Harrington, between 1898 and 1909; family history and genealogical notes accumulated by Lois Winslow-Spragge, between 1950 and 1969; typed copies of letters between Anna Dawson Harrington, B.J. Harrington, and their children: Eric, Edith, Clare, Ruth, Conrad, Bernard, Lois, Eva, and Will, dated between 1888 and 1912 and selected by Lois Winslow-Spragg; correspondence from Nora Burnwash, Letitia Wales, J.W. R. Meakin, Clare Harrington, Alice E. Johannsen, John Andreassen (archivist of McGill University, 1968-1977), Mrs. Eakins, Peter Eakins, Keith Crouch, Dr. Violet L. Coughlin, Edward E. Dawson, Crystall Dawson, the Executive Committee, Board of Governors, regarding Regulations governing the McGill University Archives, Susan Newton, between 1959 and 1977; essay about the Alaska Boundary Dispute, written by Alan Geldart, great-great-grandson of J.W. Dawson, March 1973; Eva Dawson family tree, 1973; newspaper clipping, March 1977; letters written to Edward Winslow-Spragge from Anna Harrington, 1915, and Mabel R. Wernecke, 1928; letters written to Alice Winslow from Anna Harrington, 1915, 1917; a copy of Lois Winslow-Spragge’s biographical text “My uncle, Dr. William Bell Dawson” (1959), along with handwritten notes about William Bell’s career, a ship named after him, and two poems that he wrote; several versions of a biographical sketch of Rankine Dawson written by Lois Winslow-Spragge, along with a letter to McGill University Archivist John Andreassen introducing the text, 1973; letters to Lois Winslow-Spragge from Anna Harrington, Conrad Harrington, Clare Harrington, between 1910 and 1917; fragment of a paper titled “Lois Sybil,” with a list of items, possibly in Margaret Mercer Dawson’s hand; notes, history and annual report of the Montreal Junior League Museum Program, recollections of the Redpath Museum by Anne V. Byers, pamphlets and other promotional material for Redpath Museum, 1933-1961; material on the founding and administration of the McGill University Museums Auxiliary, founded by Anne V. Byers for which she worked as a volunteer from 1960-1971. The file includes clippings of invitations to events, background informational document, typewritten reports, lists of Board members from 1963-1965, and a membership list dated 1965-1966; newspaper clippings and printed programs and other conference material for the Phoenix Festival in 1971, and the Phoenix Natural Science Association in 1981-1982; correspondence between Anne Byers and her children, 1968-1997, grandchildren, 1969-2001, sisters and friends, 1969-2000; correspondence and notes regarding Winslow family reunions, 1956, 1972, 1989; several typewritten reminiscences of Lois Winslow-Spragge of University Street, 1900; list of titles of 7 rock paintings by Lois Winslow-Spragge; one page from McGill Reporter of article with title, "Grand-daughter of former Principal -- Enjoys Art and Nature.", 1972; correspondence regarding Lois Winslow-Spragge's book on George Mercer Dawson, 1962-1977; correspondence between Geoffrey Leech and Lois Winslow-Spragge, 1961-1976; marriage certificate for Lois Sybil Harrington and Edward Winslow-Spragge, their birth certificates, as well as several other clippings and mementos from Lois’s life; obituaries of E. Winslow-Spragge as well as letters Anne received at the time of her father's death in 1953 and her mother, Lois's, death in 1978; correspondence regarding publication of Lois Winslow Spragge's book, 1963-1976; correspondence to Lois and Edward Winslow-Spragge from their children, 1902-1977 and grandchildren, 1962-1977; siblings, Clare Harrington, William Harrington and Bernard G. Harrington, 1909-1976; letters and newspaper clippings of Alice Winslow-Spragge Simons election campaign, 1961-1971; volunteer activities, Lois Winslow-Spragge, 1910-1965; family photos, 1889-1849; clippings and professional correspondence, Edward Winslow-Spragge, 1934-1950; correspondence, Edward Winslow-Spragge with McGill University, 1940-1941; letters and ephmera related to Edward Winslow-Spragge's work with the Canadian Manufacturing Association to England, 1939-1943; correspondence with colleagues and professional contacts related to Edward Winslow-Spragge's career with Canadian Ingersoll Rand, 1917-1924; maps of St. Lawrence River and Grenfell Mission, Labrador, 1907-1908; programmes and clippings from the rededication of St. Bride's Church in London, 1957; booklet for the memorial service for Sir William Dawson held at McGill, 1899; copy of Harrington family tree, recorded by Lois Winslow-Spragge, as well as correspondence, clippings, and photographs related to the Winslow-Spragge family and other Dawson descendents, 1894-1975; copy of letter from Lois Winslow-Sprague to Geoffrey Leech, 1964; letter and essay by Edward Winslow-Spragge, 1944, 1948; scrapbook about the life of Edward Winslow-Spragge, 1907-1943; a book of Lois and Edward Winslow-Spragged correspondence, published by their daughter, Anne Byers, in 2000; baby book of Lois Sybil Harrington, 1889-1900; diary of W. G. M. Byers' honeymoon trip abroad, 1911-1912; letters and postcards exchanged between Lois Harrington and Edward Winslow during their courtship, 1908-1912 and their marriage, 1913-1929, 1931-1932, and correspondence of Edward S. Winslow to his parents, 1915-1916.

Family Photos, 1889-1849

Most records have been moved to MUA Photograph Collection. File currently contains one clipping of the Winslow-Spragge home at 55 Aberdeen Avenue, Westmount.

Marriage certificate and mementos

File contains marriage certificate for Lois Sybil Harrington and Edward Winslow-Spragge, their birth certificates, as well as a number of other clippings and mementos from Lois’s life including her calling card as a young lady and a little book belonging to Edith Harrington, Loi's eldest sister: "The little pilgrim : or, Marian's journey in search of the palace beautiful / with thirteen illustrations by E. M. Scannell." Published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, London.

Harvey Cushing Fonds

  • CA OSLER P417
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1924

The fonds contains original and typescript letters, manuscript notes, newspaper clippings, journal extracts, reminiscences and more, assembled by Harvey Cushing between 1920 and 1924 during the course of his research for the biography of William Osler. For the biography, Cushing collected and retyped over 7500 pieces of Osler's correspondence, among which are some original letters.

The fonds is separated into three series: Manuscripts, Working Notes and Osler's Correspondence. It also contains photographs, annual reports, publications, clippings, one watercolor painting, one postcard. Osler's correspondence is further arranged in three subseries based chronologically.

Cushing, Harvey, 1869-1939

Eva Dawson

The series consists of correspondence to and from Eva Dawson, her monthly report card, 1873; a series of essays written in Eva Dawson’s hand, possibly for publication in a school paper or magazine, some essays are addressed to the editor, 1867; letters from George M. Dawson to Eva Dawson, written from London, 1870 and Dufferin, 1873; a letter from William Bell Dawson to Eva Dawson, written on board a train, 1882; a letter from Isabella B. Greenshields to Eva Dawson, written from Liverpool, 1884; a letter from Summerhayes & Walford to Eva Dawson, 1887; a letter from John MacGillycuddy to Eva Dawson, written from Phillips’ Square, Montreal, 1887, and letters written to Hope Atkin (future husband of Eva Dawson) from Wallbrae Place and Montreal, between 1889 and 1891.

Donald Ewen Cameron Fonds

  • CA MUA MG 1098
  • Fonds
  • 1941-1971

Fonds consists of Dr. Ewen Cameron's teaching materials, articles, addresses, and a file of material regarding the Nazi leader Rudolf Hess and his claims of amnesia during the Nuremberg trials in 1946, as well as a couple files of biographical interest on Cameron. Teaching materials consist of notes for a seminar on tension and anxiety for military psychiatric personnel (1943). Articles and addresses comprise a draft, with letter from the McGill Medical Journal, an article on psychiatric education (1944) an address to the American Psychiatric Association on day-hospitals (1947), opening remarks for the World Congress of Psychiatry meeting (1961), and "Some thoughts on my years as director of the (Allan Memorial) Institute" (1964). There are also a few reprints of articles on memory, psychiatric training, and hospitalization. The file on Rudolf Hess contains trial transcripts, examination reports, Cameron's contemporary notes on Hess's condition, and some later comments on and correspondence about the proceedings (1945-1947). Biographical materials consists of a copy of Cameron's letter of appointment at McGill (1943), and a biographical sketch by Dorothy Trainor of the Allan Memorial Institute.

Cameron, Donald Ewen, 1901-1967

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