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McGill University Union

File consists of architectural drawings for recreational club (sub-basement, basement, 4 floors); stone; composite. Includes 6 presentation drawings (elevation on Sherbrooke St., elevation on Victoria St., exterior perspective of view from northwest, longitudinal section, transverse section), 48 development drawings (floor plans, room plans, fireplace, entrance, furniture), 10 working drawings (foundations, floor plan, elevation, section, structural plans, mechanical plans), 64 detail drawings (coping, fittings, terracotta, entrance, stairs, doors, room plans and elevations, plasterwork including ceiling, balcony, furniture, windows, notice boards, cornice, screen, stonework [including entrance, cornice, arch], woodwork including finishes, ironwork [including bracket, balustrade, fittings], marble and tile floor), and 4 record drawings (floor plans, elevations, cornice, coping, sill course). Also includes 44 photographs (3 plans, 11 finished exteriors, 16 finished interiors, 13 details, 1 other).

Macdonald Engineering Building

File consists of architectural drawings and blueprints for university building. Includes 8 measured drawings (floor plans, numbering of rooms), 7 presentation drawings (proposed elevation, front and back elevations, north and south elevations, sections), 3 development drawings (drafting room, floor plan, treads and nosing section), 16 working drawings (floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections), 76 detail drawings (room plans and elevations, sections, doors, structure, stairs, lettering, gallery, gables, corridor, entrance hall, windows, porch, ducts, sashes, theatre plan and sections, seats, staircase, marble work [including partitions and wall linings], fittings, lintels, lighting, terracotta [including porch, vestibule, door, hall, locker room], stonework [including windows, elevations, entrance, gables, panels]), 1 consultant drawing (roof diagram), 1 record drawing (elevation). Also includes 32 photographs (3 models, 2 construction, 6 finished exteriors, 18 finished interiors, 3 others).

Four Houses for Thomas Lamb

File consists of architectural drawings for urban houses (semi-detached, basement, 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 1 servant's room; brick; wall bearing). Includes 13 working drawings (floor plans, elevations, sections), 4 detail drawings (elevation, entrances, staircase), and 1 photograph (finished exterior).

House for Preble Mclntosh

File consists of architectural drawings for urban house (detached, basement, 2 floors, attic; 5 bedrooms; servants' wing, 4 bedrooms; brick; wall bearing), including 8 working drawings (foundation plan, floor plans, elevations, sections) and 1 photograph (finished exterior).

New Birks Building

File consists of architectural drawings for office building and factory (basement, 10 floors; stone and terracotta; steel frame), including:
2 presentation drawings: interior and exterior perspectives
5 development drawings: floor plans, cornice
7 working drawings: floor plan, roof plan, elevations, section
57 detail drawings: interior and exterior elevations, wall sections, laboratories, lobby, corridor plans, lunettes, doors (including woodwork, ironwork and bronzework), stairs, windows, conveyor, plasterwork (including ornament), stonework, pier, walls, trims, finishes, terracotta, lighting plan, sills, fittings, ironwork (including lunettes, stairs, balusters)
8 shop drawings: elevator hall, window schedule, fire escape, corridor elevations, machine and hatchway location
6 consultant drawings: interior elevations, pipe tunnel, vents, entrance hall
18 photographs: 1 perspective; 6 finished exteriors; 2 finished interiors; 2 details; 7 others

House for Mrs. George T. Hyde

File consists of architectural drawings for urban house (detached, basement, 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 servants' rooms; brick; wall bearing), including:
1 sketch drawing: moulding
8 working drawings: floor plans, elevations, section
10 detail drawings: stairs, windows, cupboards, fireplace, verandah, doors, roof, entrance hood
4 photographs: 2 finished exteriors; 2 finished interiors

Two Houses for T.P. Howard

File consists of architectural drawings for urban row houses (basement, 3 floors, 4 bedrooms, 2 servants' rooms; brick and stone; wall bearing), including:
1 survey drawing: profile of footings
2 sketch drawings: elevation, bracket
9 working drawings: floor plans, roof plan, elevations, section
31 detail drawings: elevation, ironwork (incl. grilles, railings), windows, vestibule, beams, fittings, flue, doors, woodwork (including wainscot, stairs, newel post, cornice, fireplace), sundial, railing.
Also includes 1 photograph of finished exterior

House for Dr. J.L. Todd

File consists of architectural drawings for country house (basement, 2 floors, attic, 4 bedrooms; servants' wing, 3 bedrooms; stone; wall bearing), including:
2 survey drawings: site plan, contour plan
1 presentation drawing: exterior perspective
4 development drawings: floor plans
20 working drawings: excavation plan, floor plans, elevations, section, tea house
84 detail drawings: plasterwork (including ornament, cornice), boot scraper, fittings, lighting vane, woodwork (including trims, stairs), step, cupboard, radiator screens, stairs, dormer, frame, openings, coat room, window and door diagram, fireplaces, cornice, roof elevation, servant's wing, porte cochere, sun parlour, chimney, windows, doors, caps, basement plan, ballusters, rails, electrical floor plans, room plans, front piazza, balcony, eaves, interiors, structure, stonework
3 consultant drawings: landscape design
11 photographs: 8 finished exteriors; 3 finished interiors

Edward VII School

File consists of architectural drawings for elementary school (3 floors, 24 classrooms: brick and stone; terracotta; concrete frame), including:
1 survey drawing: site plan
9 working drawings: excavation plan, foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections
45 detail drawings: classroom, interior elevations of gym, terracotta (including pediment, panel), parapet, duct, entrance, entrance hall, walls, coping, windows, manhole cover, lighting, blackboard, w.c. partitions, letter box, keystone, plaster cornices, staircases, doors, finial, masonry, entrance hoods, stonework (including crest, shield, unicorn, frieze, lion, lettering)
7 consultant drawings: floor plans, roof plan, plumbing plan, pumps, boiler
4 record drawings: floor plans, elevation
14 photographs: 3 finished exteriors; 3 finished interiors; 8 others

Addition to Sarah Maxwell School

File consists of architectural drawings for elementary school (addition: basement, 2 floors, gymnasium, 4 classrooms; brick and stone; concrete frame), including:
3 survey drawings: site plan
2 development drawings: elevations
18 working drawings: floor plans, roof plan, elevations, section
18 detail drawings: floor plans, elevation, fire escape, parapet, classroom, porch, cap, windows, screens, coping, chimney, trim
27 consultant drawings: floor plans, roof, elevations, sections, ventilation plan, plumbing plan, fan, structure, floors, burner, boilers, vent flue openings, cold air chamber
1 photograph: 1 finished exterior

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