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Harold Spence-Sales Fonds

  • CA CAC 97
  • Fonds
  • Approximately 1939 - 2005, 2009, 2012

The Harold Spence-Sales fonds at McGill’s Canadian Architecture Collection primarily contains project records related to Harold Spence-Sales' career as an architect and urban planner. The bulk of the records pertain to projects that Harold Spence-Sales worked on as well as corresponding financial, administrative and office records.

The fond heavily documents projects that Harold Spence-Sales worked on during the 1970s-1980s in British Columbia and in Quebec during the 1940s-1960s. Other projects that Harold Spence-Sales worked on across Canada and internationally appear intermittently throughout the fonds. The Oromocto community planning project that Harold Spence-Sales worked on from 1955-1958 in New Brunswick is particularly well documented. Harold Spence-Sales designed Oromocto to be a military town. Before He transformed Oromocto into a military town it was a defunct 19th century shipbuilding town. The Oromocto project is considered one of Harold Spence-Sales most important urban-town planning projects.

Apart from administrative, office and project records, the fonds also contains records that relate to Harold Spence-Sales professional activities outside of his work as an architect and urban planner. For example, awards and honors that he received and records related to his involvement in architectural and urban planning associations. Additional professional activities include: his involvement in creating exhibitions, curating architectural-themed magazines and periodicals as well as copies of publications that he worked on solo and in collaboration with John Bland.

The fonds also contains fourteen boxes of Harold Spence-Sales personal records. The personal records primarily cover Harold Spence-Sales interest in art, creative pursuits, family activities, family genealogy, personal finances, last will and testaments as well as his decline in health and his death. Within the fourteen boxes that have been cataloged as personal records, there are also materials related to Harold Spence-Sales professional activities. For example, awards that Harold Spence-Sales received and records related to exhibitions and artistic projects that he worked on.

Spence-Sales, Harold, 1907-2004

Gordon Edwards Fonds

  • CA MUA MG 4246
  • Fonds
  • 1962-2004

The fonds chiefly reflects Gordon Edwards' professional practice, both in consortium with various firms and as an individual practitioner, and also reflects his teaching career at McGill University and the Université de Montreal, however there are some files of a personal nature. Correspondence, lighting design proposals, and their accompanying documentation (such as architectural plans) are included. A majority of the files representing his professional projects contain the same types of documents: architectural plans, lighting fixture schedules, illuminance grids, and manufacturer's literature and brochures. In addition, there are some miscellaneous photographs both of professional and personal nature, negatives, and fabric samples.

The correspondence is both personal and business-related; most of it deals with his practice and various projects and proposals, but there is also correspondence relating to legal and banking matters. There are letters from Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. There is also correspondence from noted architect Moshe Safdie and Canadian War Museum architect Raymond Moriyama.

Plans include lighting designs for the Supreme Court of Canada, the Outremont Library, and the McCord Museum expansion project.

Edwards, Gordon

Werleman Guy McMahon

  • CA CAC 92
  • Fonds
  • 1966-2001

Fonds contains architectural drawings representing twenty-one projects, including:

  1. Town of Mount Royal Library; 1966 (26 drawings)
  2. Sources Library, Roxboro, Quebec: 1967 (11 drawings)
  3. Pointe Claire Library, Pointe-Claire, Quebec: 1973 (31 drawings)
  4. Brenninkmeyer Residence, Beaconsfield, Quebec: 1975 (58 drawings)
  5. North Hatley Library Expansion & Renovation: 1985 (18 drawings)
  6. Bank of Montreal Molsons Bank Building: 1987-88 (16 drawings)
  7. Bank of Montreal Main Branch, Place d'Armes, Montreal: 1987 (18 drawings)
  8. St-Patrick's Church, Montreal (62 drawings)
  9. Office Building, Greene Avenue, Westmount, Quebec: 1985-1990 (135 drawings)
  10. McGill Bookstore, Montreal, Quebec: 1987-1990 (91 drawings)
  11. Modification to a Barn, Baie d'Urfe, Quebec: 1989 (23 drawings)
  12. Andraos Residence, Surrey Gardens, Westmount, Quebec: 1989 (35 drawings)
  13. Chapelle du Frere Andre, Oratoire St-Joseph, Montreal: 1991 (22 drawings)
  14. Loyola High School, Montreal: 1991 (59 drawings)
  15. Restoration of Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal: 1993-1996 (36 drawings)
  16. Eglise Notre-Dame de la Garde, Verdun, Quebec: 1997 (8 drawings)
  17. Eclairage de la Basilique Oratoire St-Joseph du Mont-Royal, Montreal: 1999 (10 drawings)
  18. McGill University Athletic Complex, Montreal: 1992-2001 (172 drawings)
  19. Cegep John Abbott, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec (194 drawings)
  20. Concordia University Downtown Library, Montreal (204 drawings)
  21. Holy Name of Jesus Church, Chomedy, Laval: 1968 (11 drawings)

Werleman Guy McMahon Architectes

John Schreiber Fonds

  • CA CAC 28
  • Fonds
  • 1950-2001; predominant 1950-1996

The fonds contains the majority of the drawings and papers of Montreal architect and landscape architect John Schreiber, who was a professor in the School of Architecture at McGill from 1953 to 1987. These documents constitute a rich treasure of original design work, expressed in draughtsmanship of great virtuosity. John Schreiber’s work is an outstanding example of the contribution to Canadian architecture and landscape architecture of a generation of “brilliant Europeans” who, leaving that war-shattered continent in the late forties and fifties, found an appreciative and fertile ground for their talents and ambitions in Canada. The two hundred and thirty four projects represented in the Schreiber fonds span half a century of work and are documented in more than four thousand plans and drawings, hundreds of photographs and close to six linear metres of textual files.

Schreiber, John, 1921-2002

Bobrow Architects fonds

  • CA CAC 74
  • Fonds
  • 1977-1998

Fonds consists of architectural drawings, textual records, and bound volumes. Architectural drawings and paper files are related to a proposal by Descon / Concordia in joint venture with Philip David Bobrow for "Operation Breakthrough" a program developed through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C. in 1970. "Operation Breakthrough" was a broad residential development program designed to resolve a multitude of problems in order to make available quality housing in large quantities by utilizing modern design and technology, and contemporary approaches to financing, marketing, land use and management. Other architectural drawings and a model of the Belec Residence, 1 Grove Park, Westmount QC, 1997-1998, are included. The fonds also contains 12 bound volumes of studies, programs, reports related to the Institution à sécurité maximale 2, Mirabel, QC, 1977,1979.

Bobrow Architects

Sigrun Bülow-Hübe

  • CA CAC 65
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1994

Fonds contains drawings, photographs, slides, professional papers and correspondence relating to interior architecture, design practice, design research and design consulting.

File list:
"Swedish Design Practice, 1930-1950: Interiors"
22 oversize folders, 15 file folders, 2 boards and 20 photographs.

"Swedish Design Practice, 1930-1950: Furniture"
17 oversize folders, 8 boards, 6 photographs.

"Swedish Design Practice, 1930-1950: Exhibitions"
9 oversize folders and 7 file folders

"Swedish Design Research, 1930-1950: Swedish Housing and Domestic Design, Research Tour of the USA"
14 files folders

"Swedish Papers, 1930-1950: Assorted Reference Literature, Publicity Newsclippings, Museum File Photos"
12 files folders and 17 photographs

"Canadian Design Practice, 1950-1994: Architecture"
17 oversize folders, 1 file folder and 3 photographs

"Canadian Design Practice, 1950-1994: Interiors and Furniture"
133 oversize folders, 99 photographs

"Canadian Design Practice, 1950-1994: Exhibitions"
2 oversize folders, 3 file folders, 1 board and 33 photographs

"Canadian Design Practice, 1950-1994: Operations and Marketing"
1 oversize folder and 3 file folders

"Design Portfolio, 1942-1967"
7 folders and 30 slides

"Canadian Design Research, 1950-1994: CMHC Kitchen Research Project"
4 oversize folders and 29 file folders

"Canadian Design, 1971-1977: Consulting for Design Canada and the Royal Canadian Mint"
23 file folders and 20 slides

"Canadian Papers, 1950-1994"
40 file folders, 36 slides and 1 board

Bülow-Hübe, Sigrun, 1913-1994

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander

  • CA CAC 68
  • Fonds
  • 1992-1994; undated

Fonds consists of landscape drawings for the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON, 35 mm slides of 5 roof concept drawings for Library Square, Vancouver, BC (1992-1994 and undated). Includes:

Landscape drawings for the National Gallery of Canada:
Planting Plan of Plaza, (framed)
1:200; 29 August 1984, black-line base plan with colour pencil rendering
28 x 46 inches

Overall Conceptual Plan, (matted)
1:1000; 29 August 1984; black-line base plan with colour pencil rendering
30 x 38 inches (plan includes landscape design for Major's Hill Park)

War Museum Courtyard with Poplars, (matted)
1:200; August 1984; axonometric; pencil on vellum with colour pencil rendering1
8 x 30 inches

Master Landscape Plan, (unframed)
1:1000; 13 November 1984; black-line base plan with colour pencil rendering
33 x 47 and 1/2 inches

Concept sketches of the development of the planted roof at Library Square:
Library Square 'A',
1:200; 17 December 1992; marker on trace
14 x 23 inches

Library Square 'D',
17 December 1992; marker with colour pencil rendering on trace
14 x 23 inches

Library Square, Proposed Roof-Scape,
1:200; 18 January 1993; ink on trace
13 x 20 inches

Drawn by Elisabeth Whitelaw
Final Concept, Library Roof,
1:100; 30 May 1994; ink, coloured pencil, watercolour on trace
14 x 26 1/2 inches

Drawn by Elisabeth Whitelaw
Library Square, Roof Concept,
1:200; undated; marker, pencil, coloured pencil on trace
14 x 25 1/2 inches

Drawn by Cornelia Hahn Oberlander and Moshe Safdie
Three 35 mm slides of the roof (copies; originals by Elizabeth Whitelaw):
[Growing medium being taken to roof in bucket by crane]
[Blue and green fescues on roof, looking toward Federal Tower]
[View of Library showing planted roof]

Oberlander, Cornelia Hahn

John Bland and Students

  • CA CAC 41.01
  • Fonds
  • 1959-1989

"Architectural Drawings, 1965-71, 506 drawings" Includes measured drawings of historic architecture in Montreal executed by Bland's undergraduate architecture students from the School of Architecture at McGill University.
"Papers, n.d., 1959-1989, 17.1 m." Seven hundred and fifty-six undergraduate student papers dealing mainly with Montreal architecture are found in the archive.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1965-1971, 506 dessins." Englobent les relevés architecturaux d'édifices historiques de Montréal exécutés par des étudiants en architecture de 1" cycle de Bland à l'École d'architecture de l'Université McGill.
"Travaux, s.d., 1959-1989, 171 m." Sept cent cinquante-six travaux d'étudiants de 1er cycle se rapportant surtout à l'architecture de Montréal font partie de ce fonds.

Bland, John, 1911-2002

Tolchinsky and Goodz

  • CA CAC 56
  • Fonds
  • 1988-1989

Fonds includes plans, perspectives and details of the Maison Ultramar Building on Avenue McGill College in Montreal are found in the archive. It also includes 7 photographs documenting the Maison Ultramar Building is also documented by photographs.

Le fonds comprend des plans, des perspectives et des détails de la Maison Ultramar sur l'avenue McGill College à Montréal, ainsi que 7 photographs de la Maison Ultramar.

Tolchinsky and Goodz

Arthur Erickson fonds

  • CA CAC 57
  • Fonds
  • between approximately 1946 and 1987

The fonds consists chiefly of architectural drawings, photographs, reports, and other records relating to Erickson's architectural projects in the Middle East. Beginning in 1975, Erickson undertook some forty projects in the Middle East, most of them large-scale public projects. He created masterplans and designed universities, museums, office buildings, residential complexes and diplomatic compounds in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria, among others. Some were built, others remained at a competition and project stage. Architectural drawings from Erickson's work as a professional architect date from 1976 to 1986 and include 1,468 multimedia drawings. In these are found drawings for over a dozen Middle East competitions and projects such as designs for the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia (1983), King Faisal Air Force Academy and Mosque in Al Kharj (1980) and the Etisalat Headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (1986). An additional seventeen drawings were created before 1950 and include nine drawings for an office building and eight drawings for an arts centre for Vancouver. These executed while a student at the McGill School of Architecture. The fonds also contains 102 photographs and 26 slides also dating between 1976 and 1986 as well as 4 three-dimensional scale models. These models are for the Islamic University of Madinah (1983), the Abu Nuwas Conservation and Development Project (1976), Sancst Science Halls (1981) and Etisalat Headquarters (1986). The fonds also contain competition submissions and project development documentation (1976-1987), bound in 43 volumes. Nine copies of three published books also included contain surveys of Erickson's work and career. The fonds also contains Erickson's correspondence and other papers.

"Dessins architecturaux, 1976-1986, 1468 dessins multimédias." Comprend notamment des dessins de plus d'une douzaine de concours et de projets moyen-orientaux comme le plan de l'Université islamique de Madinah, Arabie Saoudite (1983), l'Académie de l'armée de l'air du Roi Faiçal et la mosquée d'Al Kharj (1980) ainsi que les quartiers généraux d'Etisalat à Abu Dhabi, Émirats arabes unis (1986).
"Photographies, 1976-1986, 102 photographies et 26 diapositives."
"Objets tridimensionnels, 1976-1986, 4 articles." Quatre projets sont documentés par des maquettes tridimensionnelles : l'Université islamique de Madinah (1983), le Projet de conservation et de développement dAbu Nuwas (1976), les Sancst Science Halls (1981) et les quartiers généraux d'Etisalat (1986).
"Publications professionnelles, 1976-1987, 43 volumes reliés." Notamment des soumissions à des concours et de la documentation portant sur divers projets.
"Documents biographiques, 1975-1986, 9 copies de 3 ouvrages publiés." Ces volumes contiennent des études du travail d'Erickson.
"Correspondance et autres documents." En cours de dépouillement.

Erickson, Arthur, 1924-2009

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