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Charles Robert Scriver Fonds
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Charles Robert Scriver Fonds

  • CA MUA MG 4285
  • Fonds
  • 1955-2013

The fonds consists of textual records, photographs, graphic materials and objects relevant to the professional and academic career of Dr. Charles R. Scriver from his early years at McGill until the transfer of his personal records into the McGill University Archives in 2013. The publications series reflects Dr. Scriver’s prolific publication record in the original order in which they were received, while the Course Materials series showcases the scientist’s teaching style through lecture notes, paper clippings, and overhead slides. In Professional Activities, correspondence, working papers, and transcripts offer textual evidence of a number of Scriver’s professional endeavors and contributions to the biogenetics profession at and beyond McGill, particularly his participation in the Human Genome Project, several international committees, and many McGill-based research initiatives. The Research Records series represents the working papers and correspondence between Scriver and various international colleagues culminating in papers and monographs described in the Publications series. In addition to textual records, the series identified in this fonds includes a number of photographs, graphic materials, and objects maintained by Scriver for professional and personal purposes

Scriver, Charles R.

Course Materials

This series reflects Dr. Scriver’s career in the latter part of his career as Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics at McGill (2002-2009). The materials in this series consist of textual notes, overhead notes, lab schedules, syllabi, article clippings, readings, photocopies of lecture slides, PowerPoint printouts, and unworked exams. The nature of these records shows that Scriver maintained record of his lecture materials in the latter part of his tenure as professor, meaning that most of these materials span from the late 1990’s to 2013.

Professional Activities

This is the largest series within the Scriver fonds, and consists of the geneticist’s professional activities within and beyond McGill. The textual materials in this series consist of myriad evidences of Scriver’s professional activities, including but not limited to: typewritten (1960-1998) and e-mail (2003-2008, copies) correspondence covering Scriver’s many accolades, including his entry into the Canadian Who’s Who? Database in 1997, speech transcripts, a transcript of the Nathaniel Comfort History Project interview (2007-8), plans and correspondence regarding the founding of the DeBelle Laboratory in the Montreal Children’s Hospital (1960-73), his participation on a number of MUHC committees (1976-98, with gaps), and his involvement in the Human Genome Project and Advisory Committee (1995-2005 with gaps), as well as records pertaining to Dr. Scriver’s extensive travels abroad for conferences and lectureships. This series also includes artworks and approximately 70 dated and undated black & white and color photographs (1955-2005) accumulated by Scriver over the course of his career, including headshots, contact sheets, staff photos, class photos, and candid images. Finally, the Professional Activities series includes a miscellany of graphic materials including awards and plaques awarded to Scriver (1975-2010), records pertaining to the Scriver Family M.D./Ph.D. Scholarship Symposium (2003), holiday cards and personal correspondence (circa 2000) included in the accrual from the McGill office


The publications in this series comprise the final drafts of Scriver papers accepted for publication in print journals, including research, editorials and reviews of other scholarly efforts, co-authored papers, and revisions to the textbook The Metabolic & Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease. Also included here are 3.5 boxes of Scriver’s own monographs, including editions (I-VI, with gaps) of the aforementioned textbook and a number of related publications. The periodicals in this series were kept in loose chronological order by Scriver himself and range from 1960-2009 (with gaps). These publications draw chiefly from Canadian and international journals, and focus on Scriver’s research in the field of genetics, metabolic deficiencies, and pediatric disease in a Canadian context. All publications are originals except where noted.

Research Records

This series reflects the researching and writing activities of Dr. Charles Scriver in the field of genetics, biochemical genetics, and pediatrics. These materials are primarily textual and consist of correspondence covering his engagement in projects such as BioMarin (circa 2003) and the Human Genome Project (circa 1995 2003), pamphlets, working papers, grant applications and notices, and mixed media (stamps, graphs) reflecting Scriver’s research and laboratory practices. Here, Scriver’s demonstrated interest in PKU mutations in Quebec, genomics and myriad metabolic issues in children comes to the fore, and demonstrates the reach of Scriver’s influence in the field.