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This series represents activities related to Dr. Vineberg's personal and professional accounting, including personal and professional financial operations.Series is divided in 12 sub-series : (P126/B1) Medicare, (P126/B2) Billing and Collecti...


The accounting series consists of three account books detailing different financial dealings and assets of the Natural History Society of Montreal. The accounting details are varied, one being the treasurer’s ledger of income and expenses kept by ...


The series consists of records created in the fulfilment of the Zoological Society’s mandate and goals to host events, trips, speakers, and to donate to and support worthy causes. This includes event and project planning records with related finan...


Approximately 40 volumes of addresses given between 1939 and 1967 to audiences both within and outside McGill cover a wide range of educational and social topics. Press releases, obituaries and messages (e.g. for Old McGill) are included. The unbo...


The series consists of documents produced in the day-to-day managing of the Society. These records were created by various bodies within the Zoological Society including most prominently, the Executive Committee, the Project Committee and the pres...


Series consists of administrative documents, including treasury receipts, by-laws, information sheets for centre, and records related to building renovation.


The administrative records series contains documents that reflect the structure and mandate of the Society, such as their constitution, acts, by-laws, yearly agenda, bookings, and membership lists. Summaries of meetings provide information of the ...

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