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"Sir Edmund Osler is Dead, An Outstanding Financer," from the Daily Mail and Empire, August 4, 1924. [Original was extremely friable- segments missing from article.]

Two clippings

"Sympathetic Messages Poor into Osler Home" and "Sir Edmund Osler Dies Last of Noted Brothers. Failed to Rally from Attack of Pneumonia - Played Important Part in Business, Education and Social Life of the Dominion. A Guiding Spirit in Many Enterprises," from the Toronto Daily Star, August 5, 1924. [Original was extremely friable - segments missing from article.]

1905 Scrap Book, Galahad School

The file contains a scrapbook from 1905-1917 about the Galahad School. It includes lists of students, a history of the school, events, newspaper clippings, poetry, short essays, recitals, copies of the Galahad Signet newsletter and postcards and photographs. Wilder Penfield is listed as a student between 1905 and 1909, when he graduated. A note at the end states that the Galahad School was closed in 1917 and the teachers went to training camps.

Penfield, Wilder, 1891-1976

James Stanley Goddard Papers

  • CA RBD MSG 1244
  • Collection
  • 1767, after 1805?

The collection consists chiefly of a document written by Stanley Goddard detailing a 1766-1767 voyage by canoe from Michilimackinac up Lake Superior to the Mississippi. There is a docket title given on verso: "Copy of Mr. Goddard's Journal - 29th August 1767." These pages, ostensibly copied from Goddard's daily journal in his capacity as secretary to the detachment, describe a voyage under the command of Captain James Tute, with Goddard as second and secretary.

Appended to the journal pages there is a document entitled, "Return of such Western Indians as are now at this Post” (that is, the post at Michilimackinac). The document may have been created after 1805, because it appears to contain a reference to the Shawnee Prophet (Tenskwatawa, 1775-1836). The page includes a table of demographic information for Indigenous tribes, including numbers of men, women, children, and total population figures. The people enumerated include the Kickapoo (Kiikaapoa or Kiikaapoi); the "Sawkee" (Sauk, Sac, or oθaakiiwaki) and Meskwaki (Meshkwahkihaki) (also known as Fox); the Wyandot (or Wendat); Shawnees of "the Prophet's Band" and other bands of Shawnees (Shaawanwaki, Ša˙wano˙ki and Shaawanowi lenaweeki); Ottawa and Chippewa (Odaawaa or Odawa and Ojibwe); Muensee (mə́n'si·w); Delaware (or, Lenape); "Moravians" (probably Christian, or Moravian, Munsee); and Seneca-Cayuga (Guyohkohnyo or Gayogohó:no).

Goddard, James Stanley, -1795

Case charts 6000-6099

Volume of case charts from the Royal Victoria Hospital Nose and Throat Department containing case numbers 6000-6099. Charts contain patient name, occupation, address, religion, physician, symptoms, history, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

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