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University Street (Montréal, Québec)
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Alteration to Pulp and Paper Research Institute

File consists of architectural drawings for industrial laboratory, including:
18 development drawings: layout of laboratories and equipment rooms, floor plan, fittings, brine tanks
51 detail drawings: room plans and elevations, fittings
1 legend of symbols

Pathological Building

University laboratory and hospital; stone; steel frame.
6 survey drawings: topographical plan; sections, site plan, plot plan, park
2 sketch drawings: plan, elevations, section
3 presentation drawings: elevation to University St., elevation to yard, elevation and section to Pine Ave.
17 development drawings; floor plans, elevations, sections
40 working drawing: excavation plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections, landscaping, reflected ceiling, tunnel
116 detail drawings: staircases, gateways, stonework (including gables, arches, windows, granitework, coping, dormers, gab lets, vase finials, ornament, chimney), refrigerator, entrance hall and doorway, elevator door, inscription panel, lettering, plinth, skylight, sill, turret, cornice, corbel, ironwork (incl. staircase, gate, vanes, lamp brackets, railings), room interiors, doors, steps, theatres, eaves, woodwork (including stair, doors, trims, lighting, beams, columns), copper, ridges, screens, gates, vent stacks, ceiling, fittings, plasterwork (including cornices, ornament), marblework
39 consultant drawings: heating and ventilation floor plans, plumbing and electrical floor plans (including equipment and rooms), foundation, structure, windows, elevator
5 record drawings: block plan, floor plans, elevations, section, exterior perspective
22 photographs: 1 elevation; 2 plans; 8 perspectives; 5 construction; 4 finished exteriors; 1 finished interior; 1 other
1 file folder: correspondence

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

File consists of architectural drawings for university fraternity (4 floors, 11 bedrooms, 2 servants' rooms; brick and stone; composite), including:
6 working drawings: foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, section
41 Detail drawings: stairs, newel, radiators, lighting, stained glass, partition, entrance, trims, fireplace, windows, doors, dado, sills, heraldry, staircase, room interiors and plans, fittings, stonework (including ornament, front elevation), brickwork, plasterwork (including cornices, ornament, lettering), ironwork (including lighting, andiron, grille, railing), woodwork (including library, stair trim, dado, radiator)
5 shop drawings: elevations, partitions, fire escape
7 consultant drawings: floor plans, structural plans, stairs

Pulp and Paper Research Institute

File consists of architectural drawings for industrial laboratory (basement, 3 floors, mechanical floor; stone; concrete frame), photographs (including 4 plans, 1 perspective, 3 finished exteriors; 1 model), and a file folder of correspondence (1 ink on linen). Drawings include:
5 survey drawings: site plan
2 sketch drawings: structure
5 presentation drawings: floor plans (basement to 5th floor), laboratories
25 development drawings: floor plans, office, elevations, section
12 working drawings: site plan, foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections, structural plan
65 detail drawings: sump pit, structure, entrance, equipment platform, staircase, floor layouts, windows, lavatory, drain cutters, brasswork, marble work, shed, equipment room, key block, scrolls, lettering, lighting, doors, fittings, eaves, gable ends, curtain boxes, ventilation fleche and chimney, trim, plasterwork, screen, vent, table tops, trolley beams, stonework (including walls, entrance, vestibule, laboratory), ironwork (including window, rails)
51 shop drawings: vestibule, hall, corridor, sashes, door jambs, sills, stairs, balustrade, threshold, handrails, stonework, voussoirs, parapet, steps, elevation, entrance windows, cornice, partitions, skylight, screen
26 consultant drawings: ventilation platform, foundation plan, structure, sewer line, mechanical and electrical layouts
2 record drawings: floor plans, laboratories

Royal Victoria College Extension

File consists of architectural drawings for university dormitory (addition: basement, 4 floors, attic, 65 bedrooms; brick; concrete frame), as well as file folder of correspondence and photographs (1 perspective, 6 finished exteriors, 14 finished interiors). Drawings include:
2 survey drawings: property plan
6 sketch drawings: water culvert, site plan, floor plans, section
3 presentation drawings: exterior perspective, elevation to Sherbrooke St., elevation to University St.
24 development drawings: structural grid, foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, bay, structure, entrance, stairs, bedroom layout
17 working drawings: site plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections, structural plans, schedule
137 detail drawings: floor plan, elevations, sections, wing, bay, wall sections, structure, stairs, room interiors and plans, lavatories, fireplaces, eaves, elevator tower, windows, fleche, staircases, partitions, dormers, doors, lighting, fittings, plinth course, balustrade, cornice, gable, finials, ornaments, parapet, sashes, reflected ceiling plans, tilework, radiator, mantel, dado, trims, leaded glass, lambrekin, entrances, coping, steps, fence, planting, woodwork (incl. curtain boxes, newel), plasterwork (including arches, wreaths, panel, cornice), ironwork (including brackets, compass points, railing), stonework (including gables, windows, string course, lintel, bay, panel, chimney, entrance, porch, ornament)
31 shop drawings: ladder, partitions, doors, linen chute, balusters, cornices, stairs, entrances, elevator shaft, ornament, fittings, hangers, structural plan
17 consultant drawings: electrical plans, structural plans, schedule, lighting, sashes
4 record drawings: floor plans, elevations