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Sherbrooke Street (Montréal, Québec)
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Alterations to Erskine and American United Church

File consists of architectural drawings for church, including:
18 measured drawings: floor plans, elevation, gallery seating, seating, section, gallery
1 sketch drawing: door panel
2 presentation drawings: glass for south window, remodelled ceiling
16 development drawings: floor plans, sections, finials, steps, lobby, chancel, furniture, lighting, exterior perspective, stained glass, gallery seating
124 detail drawings: seating (including plan), boiler room, kitchen, staircase, chancel, parlour, hall, coping, fittings, windows, ceiling, doors, verge of roof, lettering, trim, radiator fronts and enclosures, arcade, lighting, telephone niche, leaded glass panels, stained glass, porch, mouldings, narthex, furniture, pulpit, medallion, ironwork (including canopy rod, organ screens), plasterwork (including narthex, grilles, imposts, string course, cornices, curtain box, arches), marble work (including pulpit, stair, chancel floor parapet and table, communion table, steps, floor), stonework (including rondels), woodwork (including ornament, joists, trims, staircase, handrail, wainscot, stalls, canopy, hymn board, parlour, lecterns, panel, medallion)
9 shop drawings: lighting, stair, porch, chancel, lighting, floor layout, chancel floor parapet and table, pulpit, stonework
4 record drawings: floor plans
12 photographs: 1 plan, 11 finished interiors

Grove Park Development House

File consists of architectural drawings for urban house (detached, basement, 2 floors, attic, 4 bedrooms, 3 servants' rooms; brick; wall bearing). Also includes 2 photographs of finished exteriors. Drawings include:
2 survey drawings: plan of lot redivision, property plan
19 working drawings: site plan, floor plans, elevations, section
30 detail drawings: stonework, windows, step, cornice, structure, entrance, sunroom, verandah, stairs, staircase, brickwork, doors, fittings, chimney breast, porch, door hood, plaster cornices, fireplace, mantelpiece
2 shop drawings: structural plans

Les Apartements Acadia Inc.

4 drawings:2 preliminary design drawings, 1 fence detail by Rosen et Associes Architectes, 1 working drawing1 marker and pencil on trace, 1 pencil on mylar, 1 marker on print, 1 print.109 x 66cm, 84 x project files

McGill University Union

File consists of architectural drawings for recreational club (sub-basement, basement, 4 floors); stone; composite. Includes 6 presentation drawings (elevation on Sherbrooke St., elevation on Victoria St., exterior perspective of view from northwest, longitudinal section, transverse section), 48 development drawings (floor plans, room plans, fireplace, entrance, furniture), 10 working drawings (foundations, floor plan, elevation, section, structural plans, mechanical plans), 64 detail drawings (coping, fittings, terracotta, entrance, stairs, doors, room plans and elevations, plasterwork including ceiling, balcony, furniture, windows, notice boards, cornice, screen, stonework [including entrance, cornice, arch], woodwork including finishes, ironwork [including bracket, balustrade, fittings], marble and tile floor), and 4 record drawings (floor plans, elevations, cornice, coping, sill course). Also includes 44 photographs (3 plans, 11 finished exteriors, 16 finished interiors, 13 details, 1 other).

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

File consists of 15 drawings, including 1 site plan, 2 preliminary drawings, and 12 working drawings. Also includes 3 project files (correspondence, specifications).

Royal Victoria College Extension

File consists of architectural drawings for university dormitory (addition: basement, 4 floors, attic, 65 bedrooms; brick; concrete frame), as well as file folder of correspondence and photographs (1 perspective, 6 finished exteriors, 14 finished interiors). Drawings include:
2 survey drawings: property plan
6 sketch drawings: water culvert, site plan, floor plans, section
3 presentation drawings: exterior perspective, elevation to Sherbrooke St., elevation to University St.
24 development drawings: structural grid, foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, bay, structure, entrance, stairs, bedroom layout
17 working drawings: site plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections, structural plans, schedule
137 detail drawings: floor plan, elevations, sections, wing, bay, wall sections, structure, stairs, room interiors and plans, lavatories, fireplaces, eaves, elevator tower, windows, fleche, staircases, partitions, dormers, doors, lighting, fittings, plinth course, balustrade, cornice, gable, finials, ornaments, parapet, sashes, reflected ceiling plans, tilework, radiator, mantel, dado, trims, leaded glass, lambrekin, entrances, coping, steps, fence, planting, woodwork (incl. curtain boxes, newel), plasterwork (including arches, wreaths, panel, cornice), ironwork (including brackets, compass points, railing), stonework (including gables, windows, string course, lintel, bay, panel, chimney, entrance, porch, ornament)
31 shop drawings: ladder, partitions, doors, linen chute, balusters, cornices, stairs, entrances, elevator shaft, ornament, fittings, hangers, structural plan
17 consultant drawings: electrical plans, structural plans, schedule, lighting, sashes
4 record drawings: floor plans, elevations

Shell Canada Ltd. Effluent Treating Area

File consists of 8 drawings, including 2 equipment location plans for water treatment, 2 exterior perspectives, 3 preliminary drawings, 1 working drawing, and 1 project file (specifications, correspondence).

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