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Montreal Night Patrol Collection

  • CA RBD MSG 338
  • Collection
  • 1801

Collections includes records relating to the Montreal Night Patrol, to which many prominent Montrealers subscribed. Files include lists of expenses incurred by the patrol, minutes from sessions, accounts and receipts, and subscription lists.

Montreal, Night Patrol, active 1801

William Grant Collection

  • CA RBD MSG 432
  • Collection
  • 1792-1801

The collection contains business correspondence, including letters to William Grant and Grant, Campion & Co. from Brickwood, Pattle, & Co., 1792-1793, and letters from Brickwood & Daniell, John Blackwood, and McTavish, Fraser and Co., 1799-1800. There is also a bound letter book for Grant and Laframboise, Montreal, 1800-1801 with additional loose leaves of letter copies dating between 1798 and 1800.

Grant, William, 1743-1810

French Refugees in Britain Collection

  • CA RBD MSG 345
  • Collection
  • 1792-1802

Collection consists of minutes of a meeting of the Committee of Ladies for the Relief of French Immigrants, Ladies and Female Children, 7 June 1796, as well as papers concerning relief of French clergy and laity.

Saint Gervais Collection

  • CA RBD MSG 227
  • Collection
  • 1799-1806

Book of memoranda on road making and farming at Saint Gervais, 1799-1806.

Gwillim Collection

  • CA RBD Gwillim
  • Collection
  • [between 1801 and 1807]

The collection contains 164 botanical and zoological paintings created chiefly by Elizabeth Gwillim as well as possibly by her sister Mary Symonds while living in Chennai, India (then Madras). The collection includes 121 watercolours of birds with inscriptions, 31 watercolours of fish, and twelve of flowers, drawn from life rather than specimens. The paintings reflect the sisters' time in Madras during which, as artists and letter writers, they created a substantial visual record of the landscape and inhabitants of Madras and environs. The paintings also reflect Gwillim's scientific pursuits, including her study of botany.

Gwillim, Elizabeth, 1763-1807

Charles Burney Collection

  • CA RBD MSG 1279
  • Collection
  • 26 March 1808

Consists of autograph letter from Charles Burney to Lady Banks, dated 26 March 1808 and written from Chelsea College. The letter is written in brown ink and has remains of wax seal. The letter contains in particular lengthy discussion of the Italian Ariettes of Vincenzo Righini, printed in English in 1791 and muses upon how they managed to arrive in England, their merits, and the poetry of Dryden, Gray, and Pope. Also mentions the music of an "Italianized German of the name of Pfeiffer."

Burney, Charles, 1726-1814

Carceri d’invenzione di G. Battista Piranesi Archit. Vene.

  • CA RBD Piranesi
  • Collection
  • 1800-1809

Etchings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi printed in Paris between 1800 and 1809. Sixteen plates numbered I-XVI, with the title plate first used in the second edition of 1761 and the two plates added to the second edition, Pl. II “The Man on a Rack,” and plate V, “The Lion-Bas Reliefs” as well as plate XVI, the reworked “Pier with Chains.” All plates with Roman numerals added in the second editions, numbered I-XVI, including the title plate.

Piranesi, Giovanni Battista, 1720-1778

Jean-Baptiste Lepine Collection

  • CA RBD MSG 1273
  • Collection
  • 12 April 1809

Collection consists of a manuscript petition in French written on behalf of Jean Baptiste Lepine for a ferry from Rivière des Prairies to the river end of Île Jésus, dated 12 April 1809. The petition is signed with his mark. The petition also includes the signatures or marks of a number of other signatories, including Jacob Oldham, Roderick Mackenzie, and Simon Fraser. On verso is a docket title and information in English about reciept of the petition and a note that the request was granted.

Lepine, Jean-Baptiste, active 1809

James Stanley Goddard Papers

  • CA RBD MSG 1244
  • Collection
  • 1767, after 1805?

The collection consists chiefly of a document written by Stanley Goddard detailing a 1766-1767 voyage by canoe from Michilimackinac up Lake Superior to the Mississippi. There is a docket title given on verso: "Copy of Mr. Goddard's Journal - 29th August 1767." These pages, ostensibly copied from Goddard's daily journal in his capacity as secretary to the detachment, describe a voyage under the command of Captain James Tute, with Goddard as second and secretary.

Appended to the journal pages there is a document entitled, "Return of such Western Indians as are now at this Post” (that is, the post at Michilimackinac). The document may have been created after 1805, because it appears to contain a reference to the Shawnee Prophet (Tenskwatawa, 1775-1836). The page includes a table of demographic information for Indigenous tribes, including numbers of men, women, children, and total population figures. The people enumerated include the Kickapoo (Kiikaapoa or Kiikaapoi); the "Sawkee" (Sauk, Sac, or oθaakiiwaki) and Meskwaki (Meshkwahkihaki); the Wyandot (or Wendat); Shawnees of "the Prophet's Band" and other bands of Shawnees (Shaawanwaki, Ša˙wano˙ki and Shaawanowi lenaweeki); Ottawa and Chippewa (Odaawaa or Odawa and Ojibwe); Muensee (mə́n'si·w); Delaware (or, Lenape); "Moravians" (probably Christian, or Moravian, Munsee); and Seneca-Cayuga (Guyohkohnyo or Gayogohó:no).

Goddard, James Stanley, -1795

Peter Heywood Manuscript Collection

  • CA RBD MSG 60
  • Collection
  • 1796-1810

Collection consists of papers of a British naval officer, who sailed on the Bounty. Includes notes and observations on voyages in the South Atlantic and East Indies including directions for navigating the Straits of Banquey and other oriental passages (1801), notes on the Cape of Good Hope (1796) and St. Helena (1805). Also, "Nautical Remarks and Memoranda of Occurences on Board H.M.S. Polyphemus, Donegal and Nereus between 22 Oct. 1806 and 19 Nov. 1810". With a note on reason and a chart of the Road of Basque. Items marked "Morgan" on paper watermarked 1797 and 1805.

Heywood, Peter, 1773-1831

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