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University of Alberta
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Arts Building for the University of Alberta

University building (basement, 4 floors); brick and stone; brick and terracotta; wall bearing.
2 sketch drawings: faculty room, elevation
8 presentation drawings: bird's-eye view, site plan, front elevation, north elevation, view looking north, sculpture over window
43 working drawings: floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections, assembly hall, stage, gallery, convocation hall
48 detail drawings: elevations, room interiors and plans, stone work (incl. entrance, column, elevations), air inlets, electric outlets, classroom, ventilating fleche, finishes, stairs, balconies, entrance, windows, convocation hall, hallway, terracotta, staircase, arch, footings, foundation walls
7 record drawings: floor plans, elevation
53 photographs: 7 elevations; 7 plans; 6 perspectives; 13 finished exteriors; 13 finished interiors; 8 others

Medical Building for the University of Alberta

University building; brick and stone.
1 presentation drawing: exterior perspective
21 development drawings: floor plans, elevation
13 working drawings: block plan, foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections
21 detail drawings: elevations, terracotta (incl. plans, entrance hall, corridor), granite work, stonework, entrance, structure, plans and elevations of lecture theatres, ventilation, windows, staircases, plans and sections of students' reading room, common room and staff common room --4 Record drawings: block plan, first and second floor plans, elevation
26 photographs: 3 models; 4 elevations; 7 plans; 4 sections; 2 perspectives; 4 construction; 2 finished exteriors