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The sub-subseries consists of twenty miscellaneous geological maps, charts, and plans of Egypt, Sinai Peninsula, Rome, Manitoba, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, the eastern part of British North America, Snake River, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, St. Lawrence River, Cumberland Coal Field, North Pole, and Pictou Harbour. Maps are both printed and hand-drawn.

Manuscript essays and addresses

Sub-subseries consists of manuscript essays and addresses on scientific subjects falling into four categories: (1) popular lectures, not only on geology, but also on biology, entomology, physics, archaeology and even linguistics; (2) mining, particularly of Nova Scotia coal, with some reports and maps; (3) geology, largely of Nova Scotia, and (4) palaeontology (approximately 72 cm). Some of the materials in sub-subseries are drafts of works later published, and these papers also contain 80 cm of Dawson's printed books and articles.

Dawson, John William, Sir, 1820-1899

Notebooks and scrapbooks

Sub-subseries consists of approximately ten of Dawson's scientific notebooks (box 29). Most are pocket memoranda, but some are more discursive, such as a notebook on Nova Scotia geology and one of geological notes from the 1860s and 1870s. Three scrapbooks bear directly on science: "Scientific Scraps" is largely pictorial material; "Scraps relating to science and religion", despite its title, is mostly Dawson's published articles on geology, education, and travel (boxes 39-40); finally, a scrapbook of clippings programmes and photographs serves as a souvenir of Dawson's presidential meeting of the BAAS in Birmingham, 1886 (box 77).

Fold-out Valentines

The Fold-out Valentines sub-subseries consists of 33 cards that feature some sort of interactive component. This may include flaps that open to reveal hidden messages, or pop-up cards that can be folded out to make a free-standing three-dimensional image.

Stationer's Scraps

The Stationer's Scraps sub-subseries is comprised of 15 scraps of card. These consist of individual pieces of cutout card that have either fallen off existing cards, or which were meant to be used by a cardmaker in the fabrication of greeting cards. They are excellent examples of the small details that were included in the decoration of cards during manufacturing.

Sentimental Valentines

The Sentimental Valentines sub-subseries consists of cards, handmade or manufactured, in which a long, sentimental poem is the main feature. The cards range in terms of format and style. They may be elaborately decorated by hand with several materials, or simple printed on cardstock. They are usually illustrated with allegorical images or stock illustrations of couples, mythology or landscapes. Some of the cards have handwritten messages professing one’s love for the recipient. They are excellent examples of Victorian sentimentality and 19th century poetic verse.


The Scrapbooks sub-subseries contains a full scrapbook of publisher’s samples, as well as individual scrapbook pages with multiple attached cards that have been extracted from a book. The cards in these scrapbook pages usually include a bulk price per dozen and instructions from the publishers, such as to specify the desired message inside the card. There are some pages that may be from a personal scrapbook as the cards pasted inside it are signed by a sender.

Rebus Valentines

The Rebus Valentines sub-subseries consists of printed valentines that contain puzzles or cryptographic messages that the recipient must decipher. This can include messages written in hieroglyphics or hidden in endless knots.

Miscellaneous Greeting Cards

The Miscellaneous Greeting Cards sub-subseries contains all cards that are not Valentines. They were either found within the same seller’s scrapbooks as the Valentine cards or were found mixed with the fonds, possibly belonging to a same recipient as the some of the Valentine cards. The other greeting cards take various forms and shapes and typically commemorate an important life event.


The Ephemera sub-subseries consists of miscellaneous, non-greeting card items, composed of 5 printed documents and 1 physical object. In it are writers, small pamphlets destined to provide the reader with tips on how to write letters and messages to all sorts of people, as well as greeting card catalogs and press. There is also a wall pocket, presumably used to hold cards, that was equally being sold by wholesalers of greeting cards.

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