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Programmes, 1960–64.

Includes invitations and programme for a recital by Henryk Szeryng and Charles Reiner at the Hall of the Americas (Pan American Union, Washington, D.C.); programme for a recital by Henryk Szeryng and Charles Reiner at Tanglewood; programme for performance as soloist with the Montreal Chamber Orchestra; programmes for solo performances; listings of radio broadcasts; and programmes for collaborative performances with: Helen Boatwright, Colette Boky, Hyman Bress, Jules Bruyere, Mario Duschene, Maureen Forrester, Arthur Garami, Ann Golden, Sara Hayden, Antonio Janigro, Walter Joachim, Eugene Kash, Philip Maero, Kerstin Meyer, Jean Morin, Joan Patenaude, Guy Plamondon, Svetlana Rajewsky, Heinz Rehfuss, Elinor Ross, Joseph Rouleau, Mary Simmons, Teresa Stratas, Henryk Szeryng, Robert Verebes, Richard Verreau, and the Canadian Piano Quartet.

Programmes, 1970–74.

Includes programmes for performance by Henryk Szeryng and Charles Reiner at the United Nations Concert in honour of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; leaflets and programmes for recitals by Micheline René and Charles Reiner as well as Hyman Bress and Charles Reiner at Alice Tully Hall (Lincoln Center); programme for recital by Igor Oistrakh and Charles Reiner at Philharmonic Hall (Lincoln Center); and programmes for collaborative performances with: Otto Armin, Jean Baxtresser, Denis Brott, Lawrence Combs, Edward Culbreath, Michael Edwards, Gaelyne Gabora, Arthur Garami, Dale Hunter, Donelda Hunter, Antonio Janigro, Jacques Lareau, Laurien Laufman, René Masino, Abel Nagytothy-Toth, Igor Oistrakh, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Micheline René, Margarita Schack, Jan Simons, Henryk Szeryng, Gyorgy Terebesi, Robert Verebes, Christine Walevska, the Arthur Garami Chamber Players, the Classical Quartet of Montreal, and Musica Camerata Montreal.

Original compositions, rough drafts, manuscripts, etc., 1983-1986

Contains 23 mostly spiral-bound notebooks dated 1979 - 1986. Also, five notebooks with drafts of poems, notes, and crayon drawings and collages from a Canada Council "B" Grant sponsored visit to Mexico from October to December 1984. Includes first drafts of poems published in Family Album (Vancouver, Caitlin Press, 1989) and drafts of book reviews by Stephen Morrissey.
A copy of Divisions is included.

Morrissey, Stephen

Original compositions, rough drafts, manuscripts, etc., 1984-1988

Contains nine “packages” of manuscripts; each “package” is approximately two inches thick. Included are unpublished manuscripts, rough drafts of poems dating from 1984 to 1988, and the manuscript for Family Album (Vancouver, Caitlin Press, 1989).
An unpublished manuscript entitled Meetings With RR, a biography of R.R. Skinner, an English healer and spiritual teacher and friend of Morrissey’s for twenty-five year, is included. Also, included are numerous drafts of book reviews published in Poetry Canada Review, Canadian Literature, The Antigonish Review, and other periodicals.

Morrissey, Stephen


Box 12 contains the files for two magazines that Stephen Morrissey edited and published, what is and The Montreal Journal of Poetics, between 1973-1985. There is one file of preliminary notes for what is, followed by fifteen files of back issues of what is arranged chronologically (1973-1976). There is a complete run of the magazine. Ten files are included for The Montreal Journal of Poetics (later called MJP), which constitutes a complete run of this magazine (1978 - 1985). These files contain original photo-ready copies of the magazine, also included are duplicate back issues of the magazine. Both what is and The Montreal Journal of Poetics were mailed without cost to those people receiving the magazine. Several issues of what is consisted of only one legal size page. The Montreal Journal of Poetics was photocopied on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.

Montreal poetry periodicals

Box 13 contains copies of several important Montreal periodicals from the 1960s to 1980s. Most of these literary magazines were produced on a limited budget, but there is a democratic spirit and openness to new writers in the magazines.

Poetry readings and art exhibitions

Box 14 contains posters for poetry readings and art exhibitions held at Vehicule Art Gallery and Powerhouse Gallery, the two important alternative or "parallel" art galleries in Montreal in the 1970s and 1980s. Duplicates of posters are included. Included with the posters are flyers for readings held at Sir George Williams University in the late 1960s and early 1970s, including an Aislin (Terry Mosher) poster for Allen Ginsberg's reading at Sir George Williams University in the early 1970s. Other items of a similar nature also included.

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